Friends With Castles - DAO Palace July 2022 🏰

DAO Palace Sponsorship Opportunity


$10,000 - $15,000 to fund a DAO research-focused residency at a castle in Germany, called Schloss Bückeburg, hereafter referred to as the DAO Palace. We are hosting a 2-week residency for DAO builders, economists, researchers, founders, world leaders, and politicians.

Core team members

  • Donatus (Teddy) Schaumburg-Lippe
  • Isaac Patka
  • Primavera De Filippi
  • Ooli Shannon De Villèle
  • Yalor Mewn
  • Sky Minert

What project are you building

The DAO Palace is a two-week focused residency at a 700-year old palace in Germany, hosted by the aristocratic family living in it. 30 participants will be invited to build projects, develop theories, and standards aimed at supporting the development of resilient DAOs that can withstand economic, environmental, and regulatory forces. The 30 participants will be a highly curated group of creative and smart individuals actively engaged with DAOs.

One of the outcomes of the event will be to launch a DAO focused on regenerative use of traditional spaces, and bringing innovation and collaboration back to these historic venues, a People’s UNESCO. Members will have access to a global network providing co-living and co-working spaces within cultural heritage sites for Web 3.0 Incubation.

Why did you decide to build it

DAOs are still struggling to create the user experience and new worker economy they have the potential to disrupt. User interfacing and Treasury Economics are often flawed and miss the objective of providing a stable ecosystem. Alongside this, Governance processes are yet to be perfected, often lacking proper member engagement to enact changes beneficial to participants. To make things worse, underlying security flaws and insecurities as to the regulatory environment and member liabilities create more concern for the potential of DAOs to create stable ecosystems. It is clear that DAOs are still in the experimentation phase, and need dedicated individuals to research in which use cases or formats DAOs are best applicable towards, how these should be structured, which standards they should adhere to, and how members can be protected and engaged to participate in an environment within which attention spans are often limited and tooling poorly designed.

The DAO Palace aims to bring together the brightest individuals contributing towards or researching the DAO space to produce standards, philosophies, research or products that tackle some of these mentioned underlying issues. It is hosted at the Bueckeburg Palace - a place within which participants can remain undistracted from outside forces and that has hosted several of the greatest historical thinkers throughout time. By bringing this philosophy into the 21st Century, the Bueckeburg Palace can once again become an Innovation hub for disruptors of the status quo.

About the event

Participant Count

There will be 30 active Participants including the core team committee members for a duration of 14 days (July 1st - 15th), each of these will be carefully selected to contribute to the extitutional framework by being active and engaged thinkers, builders, or entrepreneurs.


There is no clear cut agenda for topics to be worked on, as the team believes in the natural synergies that occur from a selection of top-level participants. Instead, there will be some room for group building activities towards the beginning, presentations to be held throughout the event, and an “Open House” Weekend between the 7th and 10th July to invite outsiders, VIP guests or Investors to visit the facilities and view our progress.

Visitors / VIPs

Some top level developers or guests from traditional industries and politics will be invited to visit the event in the hope that they can contribute with their own experiences and help building a bridge between the still seclusive Web3 and Traditional Worlds.

Location and Reasoning

The Bueckeburg Palace has served as the Home to the Princely family of Schaumburg-Lippe for over 700 Years and still is today. It has since served as the centrepoint to several historical figures including Napoleon Bonaparte, Mikhail Gorbachev, Immanuel Kant and artists such as Johann Sebastian Bach. By harnessing the philosophy of the palace being a centrepoint for great thinkers, alongside the unique experience of having access to facilities, it aims to bring the same opportunity to modern disruptors of industry and thought. The space of the facilities, and the potential use cases of Web3 products to support cultural institutions will thereby serve as inspiration for the participants as to how this industry can truly change the world.

How much funding are you requesting

Up to $15,000 DAI

This is intended to be part of a co-funding round supported by several key organizations across the DAO ecosystem. The funding will be used for preparing the venue for the residency, hosting the guests, and paying for event related expenses.

The more funding we raise the less sponsors we need for the event, the higher quality of participants we can guarantee attendance for the event.

If we raise funding beyond the identified budget, leftover funds will go to the DAO treasury to be used for future events, operations, and projects.

Why fund this?

In our experience having successfully organized residencies with similar formats in the past, events like this lead to immense amounts of collaboration, open source knowledge, and leaps forward in technical progress. Sponsors have a unique opportunity to be involved, fund positive-sum outcomes, and build a network with highly aligned builders and leaders in the space.


Risks and potential delays

Supply chain

We are ordering supplies, network upgrades, and other necessities to put on this event. We are ordering supplies and reserving things far in advance to prevent disruptions and are implementing backup plans.

Health & Safety

We are conscious of the risks of hosting IRL events during a time of uncertainty with the pandemic. We intend to take all necessary precautions to ensure residents, guests, and hosts are protected. If the event has to be canceled for health & safety reasons we will work with sponsors to return unused funds or redirect them towards a rescheduled event.


We will measure the success of the project by the research outcomes, strong relationships, and future collaborations between the residents, the DAO space, and the sponsors.

Team description

Donatus zu Schaumburg Lippe is a former British Army Officer and co-founder of 3.O Labs, a Web3 Venture Lab with the broader mission of making Blockchain Solutions accessible to all. As a member of the House of Schaumburg-Lippe, he is also tasked with maintaining the Bueckeburg Palace Museum. With the long term vision of the Open Metaverse, he hopes for the establishment of Decentralised Stewardship and renewed community engagement models tasked with maintaining cultural artifacts.

Isaac Patka is a developer and founder in the DAO space. He is a core developer in the Moloch Mystics building Moloch v3, and a member of DAOHaus where he built DAO composability tooling to enable Moloch v2 DAOs to directly control Gnosis Safes through Zodiac modules. He is the co-creator of Logos, a framework-agnostic DAO furthering the adoption of Web3 governance in IRL communities. He was formerly a developer in the Decentralized Identity space developing taxonomies and tooling for Verifiable Credentials.

Primavera De Filippi is a Research Director at the National Center of Scientific Research in Paris, and Faculty Associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard. She is the author of “Blockchain and the Law” published by Harvard University Press. Former member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain Technologies at the World Economic Forum, she is the founder and coordinator of the U.N. Internet Governance Forum’s dynamic coalitions on Blockchain Technology (COALA).

Ooli De Villèle is a web3 fashion designer interested in how DAOs can bridge the physical and the digital. Previous to this she was the founder and CEO of a tech startup, growing the company to over $100 million in three years on the market. Ooli holds a patent for a wireless mesh technology that she built while acquiring her MFA at University of California, San Diego. With this work, she held a dual research appointment at the California Institute of Telecommunications & InfoTechnologies and the Center for Development Finance in Chennai, India.

@Sky Minert is a full-time DAOist, highly focused on DAO2DAO relations and seeking out and supporting projects that are building what proper DAOs need to function in a truly decentralized manner. He focuses on bizdev, partnerships, operations and governance. You can find him around the MetaCartel, DXdao, DAOhaus, DiamondDAO, Logos DAO communities and more. He also spends time in the NFT space focused on creations that are the first of their kind.

Yalor Mewn is an organizer of round tables, a seeder of human ingenuity, focusing on DAO operations and execution for the last 5 years. His work with projects such as MCON, MetaPod, and MetaCartel echo across the halls of the metaverse. As a founding member of RaidGuild, MetaGame, GitcoinDAO his work continues to have a lasting impact on the Ethereum ecosystem. He now functions in an advisory capacity to such DAO’s as MCV, Moloch,

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Quick note, I was able to recoup about $7500 from our #MetaCamp sponsorship, which could be allocated to this event as well, bringing our total out of pocket cost to $7500

Those funds are being deposited into the Paladin safe as we speak :pray:t4:

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Given the limited participation and current runway with grants, I’d be hesitant to support this without clearer value prop for the Cartel.

There’s also 2 different grant amounts in the proposal, significantly larger than our previous.

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“Limited participation” As in amount of attendees or ?

There is space for half the DAO to come if they wanted to, but I doubt we’ll get that much engagement.

The real value add here is not for MetaCartel but the DAO ecosystem, getting all these Gigabrains together and greasing the wheels of collaboration is what we do best, we did it a MCON, we have done it at DevCon, we do it at ETHDenver :fire:

Here is a handful of topics we’ll be diving into at the event:

  1. DAO Legal Frameworks - Considering new regulatory frameworks, and how governments could support DAO adoption
  2. DAO Use Cases - Which use cases are optimal for DAOs? Should DAOs be protocol centric only, with little governance? When is a hyper democratized framework optimal?
  3. DAO Governance - Depending on use cases, how should DAO governance function? What central framework could be designed to support DAOs in creating a fundamentally resilient governance infrastructure?
  4. DAO Competition - What if DAOs made it possible for competitors to merge, rather than ultimately compete? Could we create guidance and standards that help merge multiple DAOs operating around the same objectives? What could be the drawbacks of this?
  5. Peoples UNESCOs - This leads into the main tangible DAO that will come out of the event - Can DAOs operate as peoples UNESCOs to support often overlooked cultural institutions? Could these cultural institutions offer incubation space for Web3 development, whilst those projects support the upkeep and maintenance of the same cultural institutions? What successes would need to be achieved here to prove the fundamental use case of DAOs to the general public?
  6. DAO Validation - What DAO successes are needed to provide a valid proof of concept to governments and regulators? Where could management of real world assets fit into this? How do we need to shape the conversation and who do we talk to to achieve this in the EU, UK, US, South America and Asia? How could DAOs support governments, institutions and regulators? How could DAOs disrupt and change the charity space for the better and offer additional validation to the broader public?
  7. DAO Tooling and Security - What are the most common security flaws that need to be addressed and how would these shape the conversations with regulators? What tools are lacking in the DAO space, and how could we build them?

Don’t be fooled because this event is at a “Castle” it’s a REAL impact driver, as any of you who have attended one of my IRL events before know :fire:

Perks also include lifelong access to FWC events for all MC members via an airdrop of access tokens (distro tbd) priority access to booking off-sites at Schloss Bückeburg Castle ( think team off-sites, retreats, semi annual DAO gatherings) and of course brand recognition for MetaCartel logos & website listed on all promotional materials, Website, Twitter, Blog posts, news articles, or future documentaries.

I am happy to lower the request since funds are tight, but I think as members have already signalled this as an important event to attend we should support it VS other things we give $10k to that we are not even involved with :laughing:

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Thanks for putting up this proposal, I think it’s gotten so much attention as it’s not a standard thing we’d give grants too.

My biggest question is on the below piece:

Is there anymore information on how or when this is planned to be done? Will this apply to the castle the first FWC is at? After the gathering, are there people that will continue to pursue this? When it happens, will MC be associated with the unesco site?

Thanks for these insightful questions :raising_hand_man:t2:

A. This is part of the reason that the event is happening, attendees will be invited to participate in thinking about how to develop the network, what the next events should focus on, what governance looks like, and where to host future events.

B. Yes, this applies to Schloss Bückeburg as well as any future spaces we choose to convene in.

C. Yes, there is already a core team of contributors working on the future network specifications, but first we need to successfully pull off this event and share our findings, the team is also open to finding new contributors and new partnerships with values aligned communities to share the benefits of these gatherings, hence my desire to put MetaCartel in the running.

D. MetaCartel would receive all benefits and credit associated with bringing the Peoples Unesco project to life, this is one-in-the-same as FWC ( FWC is just a working title) we will likely pivot to something the group settles on at the event :fist:t4:

The whole thing sounds super cool & I like the long term idea but Travis’s concerns from the previous townhall are still kind of echoing in my head.
Is there a cost breakdown posted anywhere?
Interested in knowing how much is the total & what is it going towards, mainly how much/whether the venue itself is being paid for, or are we being hosted for free/only expected to pay the maintenance cost & other expenses around the event…

Yup, here is the full budget breakdown. DAO Palace 2022 Budget.pdf - Google Drive

One of the expensive things that we had to cover was the cost of setting up Glass Fiber Wifi across the whole castle, which will be a permanent upgrade and allow us to have blazing fast wifi for this and future events :european_castle: