Funding proposal: DAO to vote whom to give money

I have programmed a set of smart contracts and a dApp to mint money by voting.

The idea is that a group of people even if they don’t have money themselves can by power of voting produce a token out of nothing and fund somebody.

The purpose is to give money to them who for any reason have less money than they should have, be it an open source developer, a victim of crime, an inventor who didn’t patent his invention, or even a poor country, etc. The big purpose is to change the world economy to be based on good rather than just on profit, making good profitable.

I need to hire crypto judges to vote. For this I need to advertise my site and Facebook groups. Please give me the maximum funding for such projects ($8000) for SEO to be sure the site will have enough visitors to make enough judges from visitors. Then the project will fund itself as it funds any good projects.

My site: - read more.

The software is functional and advanced. It is based on ERC-1155 looking into the short future when ERC-1155 will be well supported.