Funding Proposal Explores MCON3 Locations Across the USA

Looks promising, definitely down for a change of scenery from Denver.

In terms of funding the event from the treasury, I would say we should target the minimal version of the event (200-400 ppl), and then expand attendee count up to 600-800 max if we get aligned sponsors to come through with more funds, or if ETH appreciates a lot between now and Sep.

I.e. strip it down to the essentials and then let sponsors pay for addons like scavenger hunt, DJs, etc. it would be great to see MCON 1 format again where other side events are organized by different groups.

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This is a great idea in principle, but having sponsors organize side events and experiences in Detroit it will require a bit more planning and execution

Events that usually do this well get together a list of preferred vendors, locations, and start reaching out to local organizers way in advance to help them pull it off, @Nock from Serotonin is able to help with that, just keep in mind that we are in a very volatile market at the moment so even 30 ETH would be the minimum needed to effectively execute the event at the level we are accustomed to.

What we can also do is offer to discount any sponsors who take on the role of organizing satellite activations music experiences for folks, but again it needs to be in good taste, the more we give away responsibilities to other groups, the lower the production value of the whole event becomes because their priorities being to promote their brands. Where as MetaCartel has no priority to promote anything other than the best talks, discussions and insights on the ecosystem as a whole. I imagine this will be the perfect time for hosting such an essential event with these frothy markets as well :soap:

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Looks great, appreciate all the investigative work! Love all the photos of the different venue options… digging that Jam Handy hall myself. This overall sounds like a very positive use of funds so support the motion as-is, but would also just be curious estimates/goals for potential sponsorship coverage.

Timing not too close to devcon I suppose? Had good signal on that yet?

Devcon won’t be until Nov 9-17 giving almost 6 weeks in between… this timing should work well for me at least

:fire: Thanks @Yalor!

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The goal should be to cover all of the event via sponsorship support, so that we can maximize the partnership opportunities, we have about 30% of the total cost committed right now. It is still early days though, we have not made a sponsorship deck or even a website, so first things first let’s get that together and then we can report on an on-going basis the closed sponsorship agreements.