Funding Proposal Explores MCON3 Locations Across the USA

Executive Summary:

This proposal begins the journey towards MCON3, as we embark on exploring and documenting potential new hubs across the United States. The project will involve researching 10 diverse locations, where the global DAO community can engage with the local communities, we’ll be capturing the essence of each place through various mediums such as photography, video, and written content. The goal is to create a comprehensive cultural map that highlights the unique aspects of each location and fosters a deeper understanding of the cultural fabric of the USA.

Project Overview:

Step 1: Selecting Target Locations

We have identified 10 locations around the USA, each with its distinct cultural significance. These locations include:

  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Taos, New Mexico
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Austin, Texas
  • Boone, North Carolina
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Washington, DC
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Phoenix, Arizona

The date of the event itself is TBD, with the caveat that it’ll likely happen Q3 of 2024.

Step 2: Location Evaluation

We are currently in the process of narrowing down the list to three final locations based on input from various key individuals and other major contributors. This step involves a gathering insights and preferences from individuals familiar with the cultural nuances of each location.

Responses from polled stewards

  1. My preference - #1 Detroit / #2 Austin / #3 New Orleans (Confirmed attendance)
  2. @JamesW - #1 Detroit / #2 Taos / #3 New Orleans (Confirmed attendance)
  3. @pet3rpan - #1 DC / #2 Chicago / #3 New Orleans (Soft confirmation)
  4. @Dekan - #1 Taos / #2 New Orleans / #3 Nashville (Confirmed attendance)
  5. @ericarsenault #1 New Orleans / #2 Nashville / #3 Los Angeles (Soft confirmation)
  6. @OKDuncan - #1 Detroit / #2 DC / #3 New Orleans (Confirmed attendance)
  7. @vengist - #1 New Orleans (Confirmed attendance)
  8. @samkuhlmann - #1 Detroit / #2 New Orleans / #3 Boone (Confirmed attendance)
  9. @AlexMasmej - #1 Los Angeles / #2 Austin / #3 Las Vegas (Confirmed attendance)
  10. @victorrortvedt - #1 Nashville / #2 Taos / #3 Austin (Confirmed attendance)
  11. @jamesyoung - #1 Los Angeles / #2 Austin / #3 Las Vegas (Confirmed attendance)
  12. @pETH - #1 Washington DC (Soft confirmation)
  13. @META_DREAMER - #1 Austin / #2 Las Vegas / #3 Phoenix (Pending confirmation)
  14. @garrett - #1 Nashville / #2 Boone / #3 Taos (Soft confirmation)
  15. @tae - #1 New Orleans / #2 Detroit / #3 Los Angeles (Confirmed attendance)
  16. @isaacpatka - #1 Los Angeles / #2 New Orleans / #3 Las Vegas (Confirmed attendance)
  17. @Sky - #1 Taos / #2 New Orleans / #3 Boone (Confirmed attendance)
  18. @burningfiat - #1 Boone / #2 Nashville / #3 Taos (Confirmed attendance)
  19. @alexn - #1 Taos / #2 Boone / #3 Detroit (Confirmed attendance)
  20. @Darren - #1 Vegas / #2 Taos / #3 Los Angeles (Soft confirmation)
  21. @puniaviision - #1 Austin / #2 Detroit / #3 Nashville (Confirmed attendance)

Step 3: Project Implementation

Upon finalizing the three selected locations, the project will enter the implementation phase. This will involve planning and executing visits to the chosen locations, conducting interviews with locals, capturing visual content, and compiling a comprehensive cultural profile for each location.

Budget Breakdown:

The requested funding of 7 ETH will cover the following expenses:

  1. Multi week process of scouting all suitable venues
  2. Travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, meals)
  3. Compensation for local contributors and guides
  4. Deposit on the location once a suitable sight is located


By supporting this proposal, you will contribute to the creation of a MCON3, with the added benefit of understanding and appreciation for the diversity within the United States. We believe that exploring these cultural hubs will not only enrich our collective knowledge but also foster a sense of unity and connection among the global DAO stewards and the locally curious residents.

Your consideration is appreciated and I personally look forward to the opportunity to bring the next phase of MCON to life with your ongoing input.

An on-chain proposal for the above budget will enter the voting period on Monday 13th, Nov, 2023 your comments and feedback are welcome between now and then :speech_balloon:

Thank you for your support.


Awesome proposal, I’m glad to see you back on it @Yalor and willing to kick off stewarding another mcon! I know its always a ton of work to pull off and all the past ones have been incredible.

I’m not sure where the poll was but heres my $0.02. In terms of uniqueness, I would cross my fingers that its not Nashville, LA, or Vegas - not very walkable or ideal for an unconference IMO. I would go to any of these others but probably not LA or Vegas personally.

Detroit could be sweet, New Orleans could be sweet, Boone (or even Asheville, NC) would be incredible (and easier to get to by train for me).

  1. Detroit (most centrally located and probably easier to find unique venue)
  2. New Orleans
  3. Boone

7 eth if it includes a location deposit seems very reasonable to me. :+1: to budget from me. And I’m happy to provider other resources to get it off the ground if you want support there @yalor.

Thanks for putting this proposal together!!

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I would look forward to seeing some new and some familiar faces at an MCON3.

I love:

  • how far but limited @pETH is willing to travel :airplane:
  • the process for how MCON3 is looking to come together :brain:
  • how you can tell who’s looking to party! :mirror_ball:
  • and the commitment that people have in this community :anatomical_heart:


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On-chain proposal - DAOhaus

will absolutely be there if it’s taos or detroit

also saw peter pan propose chicago - if that’s on the table, big +1 on chicago from me as well

missed mcon this year and stoked you guys are bringing it back!

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Personally, fwiw my top 3 would be:

  1. Detroit – went to a RadicalxChange event here at A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education and was awesome

  2. Taos – have only been there once long ago, but the town has the right vibes

  3. Boone or New Orleans – Would be nice to attend a cool DAO event in NC (definitely biased) and App State probably means good facilities (though air travel’s a lot harder), New Orleans is lots of fun and has a cool vibe, just more distractions :slight_smile:


@Yalor Thanks for kickstarting this. MCON1 and MCON2 were amazing, so no doubt MCON3 will not disappoint. Fwiw, I would choose any of your proposed cities other than Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

Let me know how I can help.

Seeing the comments & votes are unanimously FOR with zero criticism or scrutiny (unusual in MetaCartel), allow me to red team it :pray:

Do you have a rough estimate for how much of those 7 eth are going to go towards travel expenses vs deposit for the venue itself?

And if 7eth is just scouting + partial deposit, how much do you expect the subsequent proposals to be for?

While I love that MCON3 is happening, 7eth sounds like a crazy amount for just scouting + partial payment for the venue, unless a significant part of the payment.
That’s $15k & last year’s venue cost like $20k in total…

Moreover if scouting is like 50% of the total venue cost, is you personally physically scouting locations even that crucial? I know some of the big conferences do that, but smaller ones usually either scout via calls with venue owners & videos, or the community… Personally know someone in like 50% of the cities you mentioned, I’m sure between 10 of us reading these proposals, we could pull some strings & save MetaCartel ~$5-10k + onboard a new member :man_shrugging:


Hey @pETH sorry for the delay here,

Since this is MetaCartels event it makes sense that we front the cost to lock down the location in advance, sometimes that can be required up to 6 months in advance so I allotted an amount that was reasonable and consistent with our last venues while taking into account that this one might have an even higher attendance than MCON2 ( if the trend continues )

I will make proposals for as much as needed to get MCON3 done, the DAO has full autonomy to vote those proposals down or make other suggestions for funding but we will not sell our event out to shill happy sponsors as some have suggested :no_entry_sign: we will continue to utilize the sponsors that have come from our ecosystem to offset the costs of running the event and this year we have a plan to introduce some ticketing cost to allow for more efficient programming.

I love your suggestion to invite new folks into help with venue scouting, please feel free to put them in touch with me and we can chat about the best way to work together.

Overall, I am not surprised that most people are enthused about MCON3, I have spent the last couple weeks polling people about their interest in seeing another MCON happen and the response has been unanimously positive. I hope you’ll consider making it this year, even though It’s very unlikely that the event will be held in Washington DC :persevere:

Appreciate the comments here from everyone @rika.sukenik6 @billw @ddwchen @Sky and @joseph I’m looking forward to updating folks with photos and videos of our new locations soon :round_pushpin: :camera_flash::world_map:


during MCON2, Somewhere Street was invited to help organize a community game! We organized a 5 level relay race for 16 DAOs and everyone was laughinggggggggg so would love to do that again for MCON3. [relay race video]

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