[Governance] A Dashboard for Ethereum Governance 🏛️🗳️

I think it would be great to have better insight, and tools for the governance of Ethereum.

As the Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow and attracts more people, teams and organizations, it’s going to become evident (in my opinion) to these users of Ethereum, the governance process is an important/critical aspect of scaling Ethereum.

I could probably list a lot of reasons as to why making the governance process “professional” is important, but for myself the most important one is creating a space where actual governments are confident in using the underlying technology. It would great to see in 5-10 years real “public goods” decentralized apps operating on the Ethereum blockchain, and I think that’s not likely to happen unless our governance process is more transparent and trackable.

Minimal Viable Product :floppy_disk:

Create a Dashboard to better visualize and track decision making process for Core Dev Calls.

Historical meeting information can be found at https://github.com/ethereum/pm

  • Agenda/Notes Management
  • Core Dev Public Profiles
  • Video Player

Would love to hear other people’s thoughts on a Ethereum Governance Dashboard, but I think at a minimum Ethereum, an ecosystem generating billions in values, deserves a shiny dashboard for the public governance process, that doesn’t live on Github.

Maximal Viable Product :computer:

Ray Dalio proposes a method for facilitating radical transparency in an organization, by creating a method for generating a “believability” score based off inputs from participants.

It would be really cool to allow Core Dev participants and audiences watching on YouTube to participate in the process of feeding data a Ethereum Governance Machine Learning Hub so we can generate “Wisdom of the Crowds” data to guide a decentralized governance process.

He explains it in the video linked below. Definitely worth a watch.


me gusta… something I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

me gusta que te guste!

would be down to get an interface started if someone wants to help decide what data should be added?

You had me up until “Ethereum Governance Machine Learning Hub.” Machine learning systems that make or informs decision are hard. They’re also expensive. They take thousands (if not millions) of dollars and many months (or years) to build, test, and train. I like the idea of more transparency, but combining ML (esp stats models) with governance is non-trivial and likely to produce more noise than signal unless you really really know what you’re doing (and even then it’s a bit of a moonshot).

If it was just a dashboard, however, that could be cool. Maybe a newsletter with updates too.

Ethereum Governance Machine Learning Hub.

Stretch goal. Would be great to see an attempt to create an Open Source “radical transparency” application. If Bridgewater can have it, why not Ethereum? Would totes be worth the investment in my mind if we’re going to have a proliferation of DAOs across the world.

Generally, I agree though it should be a very simple Dashboard that just provides the basics about what’s going on. Personally I don’t really read newsletter and just want to see the data when I want to see it, so I think that might even be a little overkill.