Grant / Funding Request Proposal for a web3 gamified platform

Spatial Port is an early stage startup, whose mission is to innovate the online experience with the world’s first mobile-first Web3 eCommerce marketplace, enabling customers to purchase in a hyper-immersive, gamified metaverse.

Description The platform is designed to host immersive spaces that can be personalised for e-commerce, gaming and loyalty to promote sales with
AR ready virtual “try-ons” of products and experiences for retailers, brands, celebrities and sport.

Thanks to its unique features, Spatial Port stands out from its competitors for:

  • Mobile-first, quick time to load,
  • AR ready “try-on” products,
  • The first mobile 3D marketplace,
  • No code tools for user-generated content,
  • High Definition graphics (non-pixelated),
  • Behavioral analytics and a clear dashboard of measurable KPIs to monitor the ROI,

The company was founded in San Francisco in November 2021 by a team of professionals in the fields of tech and metaverse to enhance the shopping experience at a further level (immersive and gamified) and community engagement.
Progress Early stage, already launched and with contracts signed and pipeline for the year
Roadmap We need to develop the platform for desktop, finance further developments on gamification and social, execute the current LOIs

Grant Request min $10k
Funds $500k (already backed by two VCs)
Further details and deck available upon request