Grant Proposal: A MetaCartel Produced Movie

A MetaCartel Produced Movie

I’m making a feature film about an Uber driver who picks up an Assassin. This movie will be funded via a crowdfund and I’m reaching out to prominent Web3 communities who have shown interest in funding projects. The movie will be initially available on YouTube with plans to pitch to Netflix after certain viewership numbers are reached.

Last year, I pitched Metacartel on the idea of a Reddit style web3 app: Proposal: Decentralised Reddit for new Crypto users - #6 by musashi13

But recently I’ve come to realise that in Web3 value will be captured by creators of content rather than the app’s content is hosted on. In Web3 creators like MrBeast would make most of the money and not YouTube. Hence my shift from focusing on what apps to build in the space to what content I can create to leverage the ecosystem.

The solution is to use Web3’s native funding mechanism combined with the cheapening/advances in computer graphics to make Hollywood quality films for 1000x less.

I’ve made two short films on YouTube. I wrote, directed, shot, and edited them myself.

Both were done on no budget and completed in less than 3 days.

One of which already has 3k views completely organically on YouTube: Predator (2022) - Fan Film - YouTube

With more money and time I can make something significantly better.

I plan to do a crowdfund on in the coming month to raise at least $30k which will enable me make the movie.

Lenny Johnson, Community Lead @web3lagos

Grant Request $
I’m requesting 4 to 8 ETH from the DAO as part of the crowdfund. This will make MetaCartel a Producer of the movie, establishing the DAO as pioneers of the growing #film3 movement and really push the boundaries of what web3 communities can do.

Hi @AlienLobster Thanks so much for the interesting proposal. I don’t believe I’ve come across one like this before.

Thank you @boilerrat I had to reach the edge to find this. But eventually, I discovered I had a unique advantage here since I can write and shoot movies myself. I can go from idea to final product confidently and making movies is something I see as tied to my destiny. I will deliver everything I’ve promised.