Grant Proposal: CiMPLE DAO - Multiple Your Crypto Assets


Grant Proposal: CiMPLE DAO - Multiple Your Crypto Assets


CiMPLE as a project started out with an idea, the idea being that multiplying crypto assets is more important than if its value goes up or down.

We believe that everyone should have access to the power of DeFi and they should be able to take advantage of the amazing investment opportunities available in web3. With our protocol, any user can start multiplying the crypto assets and start accumulating wealth. As such, CiMPLE exists to grow the wealth for its users and educate its user base on how web3 works in general.

We have a working prototype that gives our users access to our strategies, we are built on top of Instadapp and AAVE. The primary CiMPLE strategy is to leverage against existing tokens to buy more tokens when the price dips and repay those loans when the price goes back up, netting additional tokens and allowing for a larger purchase on the next dip. This can compound over time and result in a multiple of the original token balance.

We have a further 8 strategies, listed below:

  • Maximizing Yield
  • Self-Insurance
  • Staking CiMPLE
  • Swapping ALT Coins
  • Affiliate Rewards
  • Fee-Based Insurance
  • NFT Boost

You can further review how each of these strategies work here


We believe CiMPLE has the power to help its users across the world increase their wealth, and because there is no barrier to entry, CiMPLE can specifically help its users in developing nations easily generate passive income or completely replace their monthly wages by doing the CiMPLE strategies. Our vision is to help educate new users on how to use web3 protocols and use the power of leveraging assets to increase their wealth.

To achieve this we are building an educational video series along with articles that will help guide newbies into the web3 space. Furthermore, our dapp is aimed towards simplifying the whole web3 experience so everyone can multiple their crypto assets by just clicking a few buttons.


There is a lack of awareness of the strategies which are being utilized by CiMPLE and even the user who are aware of the strategies struggle to effectively apply them. They typically would need spreadsheets to calculate what they need to do and before all of that, they would have to populate the sheet with years and years of data. Furthermore, there is no clear history of performance from using strategies to see if you are coming out ahead.


To address this we are making tutorial video series explaining the strategies and how to implement them along with providing our dapp which automatically calculates what the user needs to do based on market conditions, their exact portfolio balance, and the user-defined settings. Moreover, our users can clearly track a history of performance and compare their results with what would have happened if they just held the original token balance.


Mobile-optimized web dApp for specific tooling to buy the dips.


We have already built a working prototype that allows existing Instadapp users to connect their Instadapp account with our dapp to get access to our strategies, they are able to directly implement these strategies from our interface. This means they are able to buy and sell assets directly on CiMPLE. We are currently working on a UI revamp, smart contract, and scalability optimizations, integrating with DeFi protocols.


There are no projects that are specific tooling to buy the dips with leverage utilizing decentralized finance. Centralized exchanges have leverage and someone could use leverage on their own within DeFi, but that’s also why there are so many liquidations. CiMPLE strategies are always trying to avoid liquidations by defining a low liquidation price while being able to leverage up to 5X from that low liquidation price.


Grand Multiplier has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in business and real estate. 12 years of experience managing remote teams. One business has assisted real estate agents with several billion dollars worth of transactions. As an expert in creative financing, Grand Multiplier has bought, sold, brokered, and/or managed 8 figures in real estate, analyzed hundreds of deals, bootstrapped several businesses, and consulted with high net worth individuals.

Candyman is our UI/UX designer with experience in designing websites, mobile apps, and dashboards. Candyman has managed to put together an interface really befitting of the name CiMPLE. Candyman’s main strength has been the ability to help brands and businesses communicate visually so they are able to increase the appeal to the general public.

ChimmiChaanga is a law student with a keen interest in the field of intellectual property. With a vast array of experience in content creation, customer and legal support, operational management, and marketing, Chimmi wears multiple hats on a daily basis. He is our jack of all trades who keeps the entire team connected to one another and makes sure we are all on track with our tasks.

Sophus is our applied mathematician with a specialization in numerical algorithms and model simulation of physical systems. Sophus has practical and academic experience in financial modeling and option pricing in both traditional finance and decentralized finance. Sophus has helped clients fully understand and implement the algorithms of and UniSwap as well as derive formulas for fee calculation of different financial services.

Dreamcatcher is a charismatic product evangelist who is responsible for developing relationships with the CiMPLE DAO’s dream users and helping them have a positive first experience, fall in love with the CiMPLE DAO, and contribute resources to the DAO (including additional users, grant money, and public acceptance of the CiMPLE strategies). Dreamcatcher has worked in international sales for several years as well as co-founded multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

FlyingCat has over 10 years of technology and IT project management experience, with expertise in leveraging Agile methodology to improve processes and communication across multiple highly technical teams. FlyingCat has led a PMO responsible for facilitating the management of over $100M of data center assets, with an annual CapEx of over $20M. FlyingCat also has the following post-graduate degrees and certifications: MBA, PMP, ASM, CSM.

WizardDev, as you can tell by the name WizardDev, is a big fan of magic and wizardry. He is a full-stack developer who is currently working on building the graphs, in D3.js, to calculate exactly how much a user should buy or sell according to the user’s input, market conditions, and the internal algorithms developed by the team.

MicKey is a front-end developer. MicKey has experience with developing in JS and React. Mickey’s passion for code started from a young age and he’s been writing code since high school. He drives to be one of the best at doing this and he believes that he can create fascinating worlds with code that can lead us to new beginnings.

FireWolf is our senior full-stack developer, Fire has over 10 years of experience in software development. In particular, Fire is familiar with blockchain technology and project management. Fire’s key area of focus is developing a prototype site for the DAO.

IronWolf is a professional backend/blockchain developer, Iron has over 3 years of experience as a blockchain developer and is an expert in solidity, smart contract, blockchain, and cryptocurrency in general. Iron has developed smart contracts for the CiMPLE DAO using solidity and rust.

MoonWolf is a professional frontend/mobile developer, Moon has over 5 years of experience as a frontend developer. Moon’s expertise is with React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, React Native, and Flutter. Moon is developing the CiMPLE DAO’s web and mobile frontend.

GreenEyedGirl is a copywriter and business owner, with a passion for everything CRYPTO. She has 9 years of experience in persuasive sales writing and brand development. As well as 5 years of experience in creating and teaching new entrepreneurs how to launch their business. As an expert in public communications and marketing, she has worked with several well-known companies to increase their brand awareness and bottom-line.

CieloGrande is an experienced growth consultant working with the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs. Specializing in digital marketing and business systems automation. CieloGrande has helped generate $100m+ in business growth and has made award-winning funnels airtight and ready to churn out millions of dollars.

Grant Request $:

Amount Requested: $10,000

Primary Funding Needs:

  • Payment for Contributors
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Legal Fees


The DAO has received 4 milestone-based grants from the Instadapp team worth a combined 12000 INST and a further Polygon grant of good faith worth 5000 MATIC, all of which have been utilized to pay off the contributors.


We will need help with intros to different DeFi protocols and potential partners down the line that can increase our user base.

Additional Resources:

Our YouTube

Our Pitch Deck

Our Prototype Dapp

Our UI Design

We truly believe that CiMPLE can redefine wealth on a global scale and would love for MetaCartel to play a pivotal role in our journey.