Grant Proposal: Cipher, Collectible Hip Hop (Audio NFT)

Greetings fair Cartel capos :smile:

My squad and I would like to throw our hat in the ring for a grant on our project Cipher, an ‘automagic’ one-click beat maker we built you rap over in-app and sell as “collectible hip-hop” (audio NFTs).

It could very well have mass appeal as signaled by Facebook’s app that launched 3 weeks ago called BARS, essentially doing what we are sans the crypto angle obviously.

We’re building it out as a web app for desktop first, optimizing for mobile shortly thereafter and have quite a bit of progress made on a mobile app (for play store) — essentially a wallet my partner Youssef built that we’re wrapping the beat maker around, abstracting away much of the crypto bit to make onboarding rappers seamless. The latest demo here:

We’re nearing a proper Alpha launch and should be on mainnet ideally by month’s end. Currently are 3/4 the way through the Outlier Ventures accelerator program and have found the experience invaluable. We’re pitching VCs and whatnot now but are definitely seeking ‘the right money’ ideally from the wider ecosystem.

A bit about the crew and myself, I’m a 3rd-try entrepreneur, going on 3-years of being an NFT fiend, ENS fairy and pixel art aficionado. We’ve managed to build a diverse, crack team or 7 people in short order! An AI/ML guy helping train a model on the beat maker making this thing a living/learning music machine. Additionally, a Front End React gal (contractor currently on trial), Mobile App/React Native gentleman (contractor) Web3 wizard named Youssef a co-founder, Audio Engineer/mad scientist James Wenlock, also a partner and finally crypto-native community builder, EZinCrypto whom you may know, currently doing a trial.

I really believe we could put dApps on the map with this thing and bring positive change to the hip-hop community struggling with no live gigs and the status quo of pennies for streams. It all comes down to team and timing and we’re going full bore.

Beat maker, recording booth and minter page wires seen here.

Website (rough) is cipher[.]media

Thank you for your consideration (and making it through this tome of a post if you’re reading this far!) and I look forward to earning your trust and making some plays.


Garett “Kinchasa” Laugavitz