Grant Proposal - Connected (Digital Art Odyssey)

Hi everyone, I am looking for some initial funding to prepare Connected for a pre-seed investment round (website, explainer video, content creation, etc.) and conduct market research.

Artists are struggling to connect with collectors & make a consistent living. Twitter is too noisy. Most people aren’t aware of the existence of digital art and how to obtain it.

Connected is a revolutionary platform that aims to bridge the gap between digital artists, collectors, and the rest of the world. Its goal is to create a global platform that show-cases digital art, educates future collectors, and builds an iconic brand behind its DAO-owned collection. Connected provides a unique opportunity for digital Artists to connect with Collectors and create a sustainable and bespoke commercial model for themselves.

I have been a digital art collector for a couple of years and have had numerous conversations with both leading experts, artists and collectors about the project, with excellent feedback.

We have assembled a strong team across web3 & art, along with the formation of an artist council of 10, which will consist of leading global (& diverse) digital artists. We now need some initial funding to prepare the idea for investment.

Combining a DAO governed collection and platform with seamless onboarding (mass consumer focus), which connects artists to collectors through social capital. We have a unique economic flow that supports DAO Members, artists, collectors & token holders.
Within the team we have the relationships to showcase Connected globally through Art institutions, Sports, media & entertainment channels.

John Sears - CEO / co-founder - Degree in Mathematics & business management. Background including 11yrs of managing international motorsport teams, 4 yrs of wealth management and the past 5 years in the crypto / web3 space, building MoonBoots. Experience of investing in / advising over 100 blockchain based start-ups.

Marlene Corbun - CAO / co-founder - Marlène is based in Switzerland and has been navigating the contemporary art market since 10 years. She worked for White Cube Gallery and Christie’s in London before launching her own art advisory boutique in the fields of Post-War and Contemporary Art & Web3 Art. Since one year she is also head of contemporary art for the digital NFT platform LaCollection, leading contemporary art projects such as the online show “Web 3 Aesthetics” with Annka Kultys Gallery.

Educated at The Courtauld Institute in London (Post-Graduate Diploma in Art History) and at EM Lyon Business School in France (Thesis on the Art Market).

Estefano Ramirez - CMO - 10years of working with big brands for web2 marketing agencies, transitioning to web3 with VempDao for the past 1.5 yrs.

Vj Angelo - CRO - Brings 37 years of compliance & regulatory experience to ensure we are protected.

Charles O’Neil - CPO - Following an early career in digital advertising, Charles completed an MBA and led Deutsche Bank Fintech Labs team. He brings vast product and user journey expertise.

Barry Herbst - Advisor - One of the leading digital art collectors, Barry’s network includes all major artists & collectors.

10,000 DAI, help & support.

We don’t have personal capital available to complete the initial stages to get investment ready (front face, product sprint 0), What we do have is a very capable team that is all extremely passionate about taking digital art to the world and allowing artists careers to flourish, particularly those upcoming.

We could really do with some support around building the community and feedback / guidance on the DAO structuring (partnering with Origami) & particularly the app product build.

Pitch Deck - Connected

Economic Model - Connected___TokenEconomyDraft.pdf - Google Drive

We are not funding dAPP proposals at this time, best of luck :four_leaf_clover: