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DAO_Terminal. Enhancing User Involvement in Governance


Not every stakeholder has the time to stay updated with governance events and actively participate in every topic. DAO_Terminal is designed to streamline user engagement in governance by delivering key event summaries across user-preferred channels. This innovative solution significantly lowers the barriers to entry and encourages active participation in governance from a diverse group of voters. This results in more pluralistic discussions and decisions that are fairer to the entire community. All of this is aimed at increasing engagement in governance.

Problem & Solution

The challenges of navigating forum sites, huge proposals, sifting through numerous threads, and assessing feedback across multiple channels can discourage users from actively participating in governance. DAO_Terminal solves this by providing succinct, unbiased, AI-generated digests on governance events through Twitter, Telegram, and Email.


User Benefits and Project Impact

DAO_Terminal offers numerous benefits:

  • New users can quickly engage in voting processes.
  • Reduced churn rate for existing active users.
  • Allows experts or interested parties to monitor relevant topics and easily jump in.
  • Rapid community response to potential abuse due to increased reach.

As a result, DAO_Terminal enhances audience engagement, expedites new member onboarding, encourages community involvement, reduces fraud and collusion through a wider reach, and minimizes audience dropouts from active participation.

Benefits for Voters

Voters stand to gain immensely from DAO_Terminal:

  • Improved information accessibility.
  • Enhanced engagement and influence on governance.
  • Simplified governance tracking.
  • Real-world system improvements due to active participation.

Product / prototype

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Stages & Costs & Timelines & Personnel & Results

Name Stage_1 Stage_3 Stage_4
Target Twitter & Telegram Integration, Internal Database, Parsing & Summarizing Services, Basic Frontend Protection from Attacks and Abuse, High Automation, Duplication Improvement Full Automation, Open Source Publication
Milestone Incorporation of chat analysis for improved event summarization. Addition of email broadcasting functionality to extend reach beyond social media platforms. Enhancement of platform security with features protecting against abuse. Increase in automation levels and improvement in the system’s ability to avoid duplication. Achievement of full automation of the DAO_Terminal platform. Publication of all code and materials as open source for community contribution.
Timeline 1.5 months 2 months 1 month
Budget $10,000 $10,000 $9,000
Personnel 1 editor/prompt engineer

1 Full-stack developer|1 editor/prompt engineer

1 Full-stack developer|1 Full-stack developer|
|Expected Results|A fully operational DAO_Terminal platform on Twitter and Telegram, offering basic key event digest functionalities.|Increased automation will ensure consistent delivery of key event digests, resulting in projects efficiently finding support through topic selection.|A fully automated, community-driven platform that promotes active participation in governance.|
|Reports and submission waterfall|1 stage reports = the submission for the 2 milestone proposal.|||
||2 stage reports = the submission for the 3 milestone proposal.||
|||3 stage reports.|

Open Source Commitment

Upon completion of the final stage, all codes and materials will be published as open source, enabling independent operation and future enhancements by the community.

Grant Request $

$10,000 for Stage 1: Incorporation of chat analysis for improved event summarization. Addition of email broadcasting functionality to extend reach beyond social media platforms.


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