Grant Proposal: DAOcember & The DAO Playbook

WTF is DAOcember

DAOcember is a virtual schelling point for the people who think DAOs are the future of coordination. This year, it brought together 69 DAO veterans representing 80+ orgs from across the ecosystem, with the goal of educating & helping the new generation of DAOists avoid the pitfalls.


Our main goal is to aggregate DAO knowledge & help the new generations of DAOists:

  • :white_check_mark: Aggregate: Bring the biggest DAO brains together
  • :white_check_mark: Reiterate: Discuss the past, present challenges & future of effective DAOing
  • :white_check_mark: Onboard: Help newcomers understand DAOs & DAOing
  • :white_check_mark: Accelerate: Help new DAOs get off the ground
  • :white_square_button: Produce: A course fully covering the journey of creating & nurturing DAOs


  • Telegram group & twitter following organically from 0 to 300+ in 2 weeks
  • 69 DAO veterans from across the DAO space
  • 80+ DAOs & related organizations represented
  • 100+ DAO summoners & operators signed up
  • Opening day attended by 400+ people
  • 25 hours of great content captured
  • 20+ DAO-building topics covered
  • $2k raised from the community
  • 300+h invested in production

Why should MetaCartel support it?

Here are a bunch of reasons:

  • You believe DAOs are the future of coordination
  • You want us to produce DAO playbooks
  • You want public goods to live
  • You want a share in the DAOcember DAO
  • MetaCartel was featured in DAOcember trailer (seen by almost 20k people)
  • MetaCartel was featured on the DAOcember website
  • MetaCartel will be featured as a sponsor on DAOcember
  • MetaCartel will be featured on “The DAO Playbook” landing page as a sponsor
  • MetaCartel will be featured inside every sub-playbooks
  • MetaCartel will be featured on DAOcember twitter
  • Will also be shilled through MetaGame’s newsletter (12k subscribers)

All of this content is also being amplified by the DAOcember community, 69 veterans, their associated organizations, their newsletters & twitters etc. - will be seen by all of the DAO space.

How much?

In terms of numbers, sponsoring DAOcember is like sponsoring a small to medium sized conference or hackathon, except for a fraction of the price.

Our ask is $3k for the Diamond Tier sponsorship.

More info

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