Grant Proposal:DeFund-Decentralized Fund Management and Investment Protocol


DeFund is a decentralized fund management and investment protocol that allows you to easily participate in funds on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum, with greater transparency and usability.


DeFund aims to create a decentralized financial ecosystem that empowers individuals to manage their assets with transparency, security, and usability. We make investing simpler and more efficient by allowing participation in funds on multiple blockchains, and providing smart contract-based asset control and liquidity management. We are committed to transparency, security, and community collaboration in creating a more inclusive financial system for everyone.


DeFund aims to solve several problems in the current financial ecosystem, including:

  1. Traditional asset management has high barriers to entry, which can make it difficult for individual investors and asset managers to participate. Decentralized asset management removes these barriers by allowing anyone to invest and manage assets.

  2. Centralized asset control in traditional asset management exposes investors to risks such as fraud and theft. Decentralized asset management uses blockchain technology to eliminate centralized control, reducing these risks and allowing all investors to retain self custody of their assets.

  3. Traditional asset management can lack transparency in how assets are managed and operated. Decentralized asset management provides transparent and auditable records of all transactions and operations, improving transparency and accountability.

  4. Traditional asset management typically has limited investment options. Decentralized finance (DeFi) offers a wider range of innovative investment opportunities, potentially offering higher returns and greater diversification.


DeFund, as a decentralized fund management platform, allows anyone to easily participate in funds without any barriers, no matter if you are an experienced trader or a crypto newbee. Meanwhile, all funds are stored in protocols, which ensures that all investors retain self custody of their assets. Even fund managers can only do trading or interact with allowed protocols, they have no access to move your money. All transactions and operations are recorded on-chain. You can easily track your investments.


With DeFund, fund managers(GP-General Partner) can create their funds easily and allocate the portfolio smoothly. Meanwhile, general investors(LP-Limited Partner) can invest their money into funds based on the historical performance and investment preferences of GP.

DeFund integrates with Uniswap and GMX Protocol, enabling spot and leveraged trading and expanding the investment portfolio of fund managers. Additionally, DeFund’s smart contract-based asset control and liquidity management provides greater security for your investments.

DeFund’s open platform SDK provides developers with the opportunity to develop their own strategies, further enhancing the flexibility and customization of funds. Your investments will be more personalized and precise.

DeFund makes investing simpler and more efficient. Join DeFund now to unlock the potential of your assets.


Although DeFund is still in its early stages, we already have a growing community of users. We have established connections with many experienced traders and investors who have begun creating funds on our platform and deploying their investment strategies. We anticipate that as the performance of the overall funds improves, more investors will be attracted to our platform.


In October 2022, we began the development of the DeFund protocol.

By January 2023, DeFund had been launched on the testnet, with support for creating funds trading on Uniswap. We conducted extensive feature tests during this time.

In March 2023, DeFund was officially launched on the Ethereum Mainnet, allowing users to create their own funds and allocate portfolios on the platform.

In April 2023, we deployed the DeFund protocol on the Polygon network, which significantly reduced gas fees for users. This helped to attract more users to our platform and improve their experience.

In May 2023, DeFund launched the first version of SDK, which enables investors with development experience to deploy their trading strategies on our platform. At the same time, we launched on Arbitrum and integrated GMX protocol, providing users with more diversified investment options.


DeFund differentiates itself from other decentralized fund management protocols, in several ways:

  1. DeFund is built on a fully decentralized architecture, providing greater transparency and security in managing and investing assets.

  2. DeFund offers a wider range of investment opportunities, with integration with DeFi protocols, such as Uniswap and GMX Protocol, and an open platform SDK that enables developers to create their own strategies and algorithms.

  3. DeFund charges lower protocol fees, with a transparent and performance-based fee structure, where it only charges a small portion of profits when the fund performance is positive.

  4. With a user-friendly interface and similar trading experience to common DEX and CEX, it is more accessible for individual investors and asset managers to participate in decentralized fund management without needing solid knowledge of crypto funds.


DeFund team has rich finance and blockchain industry knowledge and 10 years of software development experience. All the core memebers are from the top universities and enterprises in China, such as Wuhan University, Tsinghua University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The team developed a successful photo sharing app with about 30 million users and solid income before fully diving into the web3 space. We believe in our ability to revolutionize traditional management practices in the Web3 world.

Core Team


Twitter: @JasonsLiu0413


Twitter: @0xwatashi

Acen- Cofounder


Grant Request $10,000


Protocol development: A substantial portion of the grant will be dedicated to the development of the protocol. Since DeFund is still at such an early stage. Right now we still need to develop the SDK, especially support Arbitrum, which can significantly diversify the investment options for developers, since they can only do long through Uniswap on Polygon. The development of SDK on Arbitrum will probably take 1-2 months.

Marketing and Community Engagement: A small portion of the grant will be used for rewarding early fund managers and community engagement activities. This includes fund creation campaigns, project partnerships, and other community events to expand the DeFund user base.


We are excited to welcome mentorship, guidance, and support from the MetaCartel DAO community. We believe that their expertise and network can significantly contribute to the growth and success of DeFund. The following are several potential chances: 1, connecting with other investors and institutions

2, recommending some experienced fund managers

3, co-marketing and get more exposure to DeFund

Additional Resources

For further detailed information, please access the following link:

Website: Deck: DocSend



Medium:DeFund – Medium


are there any updates about the proposal?

we are still working to develop a better decentralized fund platform

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