Grant Proposal: Eladrea the Land of Ancients


Eladrea is the first free-to-play Smart-NFT game in FantasyVerse that combines 3 genres: RPG, 4x Strategy, and Team Battler combat model. 12 different factions, each with its own unique tactics. 240+ mighty heroes, 1000+ unique items, 260+ buildings affecting your overall Capital value. All of them are SMART NFTs that can visually improve with upgrades, save all statistics of battles and game activities, as well as the entire history of ownership by various players. And it all applies to the whole FantasyVerse from 5 upcoming games.

We came together to achieve several goals:

  • To provide a Blockchain community with the most addictive high-quality online gaming experience and advance crypto games to the AAA level.
  • To reach not only experienced Blockchain gamers, but also a great number of traditional RPGs and Strategy game players.

That’s why we take all the best from the classic RPGs and Strategy games and combine it with the unlimited possibilities of WEB 3.0 and Blockchain.

One of the main problems with blockchain games nowadays – is the overall low quality of visual design, poor gameplay, lack of a well-thought-out world and game plot, as well as the uniformity of the gameplay and lack of replayability. Typically, Web 3.0 games have a high entry threshold and are challenging for beginners to master, while the constant fluctuations in token values and the risk of collapse can discourage potential investors.

We’re creating an extra high-quality product based on one of the most advanced game engines – Unreal 5. Also, we’re building a World where the players will have a great opportunity to choose from a wide range of potential activities, starting from 12 absolutely different factions, each with its own units, tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. A combination of classic RPG experience, scales of the 4x Strategy, and lightning-fast battles won’t let any gamer get bored. It’s also worth mentioning that the background of Eladrea and the game lore are developed with the help of professional writers.

Our unique token-burning mechanics will help us deal with the other side of the blockchain games problem. More info on our tokenomics is below, but believe us, we will be able to create a really interesting, user-friendly, and people-oriented gaming product that can significantly change the quality of life of each participant in the Eladrea ecosystem.

The project is currently in the Closed Alpha test stage. One Faction of 12 in total is ready. Also, we’ve completed our Characters & Environment Development, Marketing Strategy, Brandbook & Style Guide, Pitch & Invest Decks, Tokenomics. Social Media channels are being developed and preparing to launch advertising campaigns, collaborations with KOL, and PR articles. You could find more info in our Roadmap below.

There are 3.24 billion gamers across the world and around 2.7 billion of them are mobile gamers. The Mobile Games market is expected to reach USD 338 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12.3%. World’s most monetizable Mobile Games genres are 4x Strategy ($10 billion), MMORPG ($8,5 billion), and Team Battler RPG ($8 billion).

Besides that, the estimated number of blockchain/crypto games users in 2022 counts 320 million players worldwide. The blockchain gaming industry has grown 2,000% in the past year since Q1 2022. And it is projected to rise to $70.1 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 50.50%

Our Target Audience unites traditional game players, mobile users, and blockchain game enthusiasts. In simple words, every PC, mobile or WEB 3.0 game player is our TA. And it’s constantly growing.

According to a report by DappRadar, as of January 2022, there were 398 active blockchain games, up 92% from the previous year. And the venture capitalists invested $4 billion in blockchain-based games in 2021, up from $80 million a year earlier.

Already done:

  • Project idea and concept
  • Marketing & Competitors analysis
  • Core team setup
  • Characters & Environment
  • Concept Brand and Strategy
  • Marketing team setup
  • Characters & Environment Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brandbook & Style Guide
  • Pitch & Invest Decks
  • Tokenomics
  • Alpha Version

• A Free-to-Play Blockchain game that combines 4x strategy gameplay, RPG experience, and Team Battler combat model
• Low entry threshold, without the requirement to purchase expensive NFTs
• Rich in-game lore, a detailed history of the game world and factions created by professional writers
• The highest performance of the graphic component based on Unreal Engine 5
• Smart NFTs. Heroes from Eladrea can be transferred to other projects within FantasyVerse using the general $ ELDR token.

And the main feature is that we’re targeting not only the audience of blockchain games but all gamers globally. (approximately 3,5 billion people). That’s why we’re focusing on the quality of gameplay, and graphic performance, and paying a lot of attention to the game lore, factions, and characters’ backgrounds.

CEO/Co-founder – Maksym Diuzhev possesses a profound experience as a lead game designer and producer, working his way up to CEO and product owner. Various game development studios under his leadership launched a lot of successful game projects, with some of them rising from the startup and fundraising stages.

CQO/Co-founder – Vadim Sadkovskiy has extensive experience in successful investments in blockchain projects, and, as a fan of classic strategies and RPGs, boasts a solid background in creating game worlds and their ecosystems

CFO/Co-founder – Artem Polchenko is a successful investor in Web 3.0 projects, responsible for the financial component of Eladrea and competent tokenomics, designed with a long-term perspective.

COO – Vadim Garelin is a project manager of the highest caliber. He is responsible for the effective interaction of the studio’s departments and the proper result in a timely manner. He is experienced in successful work in several large game studios, such as Room 8 and Vataga Studios.

Grant Request - 50,000$

Funds - funds will go on completion of the production and further development and maintenance of the project

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