[Grant proposal] Frens staking pool

Frens is a peer-to-peer staking pool solution that allows staking on trusted node operators (friends). It allows people with less than 32 eth to pool funds with their frens who run an ethereum validator. This is an alternative to large staking pools which create centralization risks, encouraging many small pools instead.

We were ethBogta finalists. Check out our presentation frens | ETHGlobal and visit our site (live on goerli) at frens.fun.

We are applying for a grant to help us in the next iterations of bringing our MVP to a mainnet-ready solution. We’d like to have MetaCartel as a partner to help us launch as early as possible and gather early user feedback. We are a team of mainly engineers, so we are also looking forward to better branding and visuals.

We feel that we are value aligned with MetaCartel, and would greatly appreciate the support.

Grant Request: 3k USDC

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