[Grant Proposal] GLITCH Sponsorship Opportunity

GLITCH Sponsorship Opportunity


$10,000 to fund a NFT/Metaverse research-focused residency at Chateau du Fey in France, Burgundy, called GLITCH. We are hosting a 2-week residency for artists, nft protocol designers, metaverse platform builders, token economists, researchers, and philosophers.

Core team members

  • Isaac Patka
  • Primavera De Filippi
  • Ooli Shannon De Villèle

What is GLITCH

GLITCH is a two-week focused residency at an 18th century chateau in France. About 30-40 participants will be invited to create, imagine, develop theories, build projects and standards aimed at supporting a new creative ecosystem of open creativity and digital abundance in the metaverse. The participants will be a highly curated group of creative and smart individuals actively engaged with NFTs and metaverse.

The outcomes of the residency will be a tight network of people eager to collaborate with one another, new collaborations and synergies that will ideally lead to a variety of new initiatives about how to promote the value of openness and interoperability in the metaverse. Expected deliverables include new NFT protocols that encourage remix and creativity, new NFT protocols geared towards maximization of social and environmental impact, as well as a variety of metaverse exhibitions for NFT artists. All content produced within the residency will be released and made available to all under Creative Commons licenses.

Why did you decide to build it

The metaverse is still struggling to provide the user experience and the new opportunities it has the potential to create. By rejecting interoperability, existing metaverse platforms are often flawed and miss the objective of providing an interoperable ecosystem for openness and creativity. Alongside this, creative practices within these spaces are yet to be perfected, often lacking proper member engagement to enact a striving economy of digital abundance. To make things worse, many of the current virtual worlds do not provide real ownership of digital assets to their participants, and all the avatars, accessories, or other digital resources remain under the exclusive control of the platform operators. Most metaverse platforms today are still in the experimentation phase, we need dedicated individuals to research their use cases and the ways in which blockchain and NFTs can contribute to more creativity and interoperability, how these platform should be structured to become more interconnected, which standards they should adhere to, and how they should be governed so that members can be protected and engaged to participate in this new environment.

GLITCH aims to bring together the brightest individuals contributing towards or researching the metaverse to produce standards, philosophies, research or products that tackle some of these mentioned underlying issues. It is hosted at chateau du Fey - a place that has become the home of an intentional community of artists, thinkers and activists over the past 3 years (http://feytopia.com), and within which participants can remain undistracted from outside forces.

About the event

Participant Count

There will be 30-40 active Participants including the core team committee members for a duration of 14 days (Oct 31 - Nov 13). Each of these will be carefully selected to contribute to the extitutional framework by being active and engaged thinkers, builders, or entrepreneurs.



There is no clear cut agenda for topics to be worked on, as the team believes in the natural synergies that occur from a selection of top-level participants. There will be no scheduled talks or workshop: we expect these to emerge organically over time. The idea is to have a value-aligned cohort of creative and open-minded individuals live under the same roof for an extended period of time. They are encouraged to work on their own projects as well as to collaborate with one another. As the organizers, we will try to maximize the opportunities for serendipity and cross-pollination. There will be some room for group building activities towards the beginning, presentations to be held throughout the event, and an “Open House” Weekend on Nov 11-12, open to outsiders to visit the facilities and view our progress.

Visitors / VIPs

Some established artists, top level developers and guests from traditional metaverse industries will be invited to visit the event in the hope that they can contribute with their own experiences and help building a bridge between the still seclusive Web3 and Traditional Worlds.

Location and Reasoning

The Chateau du Fey has served as the home to the Feytopia community for 3 years, and has hosted many events geared towards Web3, blockchain technology, digital art, and future-proof environmental thinking. By harnessing the network of the place, Chateau du Fey has become a centrepoint for great thinkers oriented towards rebuilding the future in an open and collaborative way. The space and the facilities are perfectly oriented to explore potential use cases of Web3 and NFT in the context of the Metaverse.

How much funding are you requesting

$10,000 per sponsor. This is intended to be part of a co-funding round supported by several key organizations across the NFT / Metaverse ecosystem. The funding will be used for preparing the venue for the residency, hosting the guests, and paying for event related expenses.

Our total budget for the event is $80,000. Budget breakdown available on request.

Why fund this?

In our experience having successfully organized residencies with similar formats in the past, events like this lead to immense amounts of collaboration, open source knowledge, and leaps forward in technical progress. Sponsors have a unique opportunity to be involved, fund positive-sum outcomes, and build a network with highly aligned builders and leaders in the space.


What makes a good sponsor?

We value sponsors that contribute to the development of resilient, decentralized coordination tools in all ways. Some sponsors contribute technical tooling, research, and products. Some sponsors bring perspectives from academia, economics, politics, and institutions where they learned what works and what doesn’t. We are seeking participatory & cultural sponsors, beyond covering the event costs.


We will measure the success of the project by the new lifelong friendships that will be established, the research outcomes, new initiatives and future collaborations between the residents, the NFT space, and the sponsors.

Team description

Isaac Patka is the co-creator of Logos, a DAO exchange furthering the adoption of Web3 governance in IRL communities. He is also a core developer in the Moloch Mystics building Moloch v3, a member of DAOHaus, and a research fellow with DAOstar, building interoperable standards for web3 communities.

Primavera De Filippi is a Research Director at the National Center of Scientific Research in Paris, and Faculty Associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard. She is the author of “Blockchain and the Law” published by Harvard University Press. Former member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain Technologies at the World Economic Forum, she is the founder and coordinator of the U.N. Internet Governance Forum’s dynamic coalitions on Blockchain Technology (COALA).

Ooli De Villèle is a web3 fashion designer interested in how DAOs can bridge the physical and the digital. Previous to this she was the founder and CEO of a tech startup, growing the company to over $100 million in three years on the market. Ooli holds a patent for a wireless mesh technology that she built while acquiring her MFA at University of California, San Diego. With this work, she held a dual research appointment at the California Institute of Telecommunications & InfoTechnologies and the Center for Development Finance in Chennai, India.


Had the privilege of meeting the Glitch organizers at the DAO Palace event. It sounds like an excellent community-first event ala metacamp and dao palace events, and very cool that it’s focused on nft/metaverse exploration. Strong support from me that metacartel support events like this that exemplify our community-first manifesto.

My POV, NFTs still remain the most underutilized and misunderstood tokens in all of crypto. We are at the Super Mario stage with this stuff. Organizing the thinkers on this topic in a special place where they can collaborate is of tremendous benefit to our ecosystem and all of us as a result. Yes from me.

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I think this kind of proposal is what we should continue pushing, the IRL events is one of the strongest exploration and experimentation incubators we have supported in the past, MCON, MetaCamp, DAOpalace, etc etc

I will fully support this proposal to align with the innovators at Glitch :metal:t4: