[Grant Proposal] - Inkfox DAO

Single Focus DAO to DAO Treasury Management Service.

Our Manifesto is to serve DAO’s and ensure longevity and security of treasury assets.

Treasury management is tough. A DAO successfully raises much needed capital. They cover initial expenses and set-up fees. How can they ensure they put the remaining capital in the safest yielding protocols to ensure the DAO can cover internal expenses and pay salaries.

Solution / Product
We do the tough stuff so the DAO’s can focus on what they do best. The DAO treasury market will become exponentially larger, as the sector grows and develops we want to grow with it and be a part of this exponential growth.
We offer:

  • Treasury management services (Deploying and managing capital on behalf of DAO’s)
  • Consultation
  • Assisting with security (multi-signature)
  • Research

Competitors all use smart contracts as main product focus. We try to bring back the human element.

Louis Hu
Has 5 years annalist and research in crypto

Daniel Fourie
15 + years of FCO experience.

Grant Request $

Next Steps

  • Incorporation in the UAE/Set up legal status
  • Recruit more annalists and writers