Grant Proposal: Little Atlas - Web3 Meetup Platform for Geo-distributed Communities

Little Atlas is a web3 community platform that helps any token-gated community empower their members to find local neighbours within major cities and throw meet-ups at global scale.

We launched our private beta 4 months ago, and are now working with DeveloperDAO, VitaDAO, ZenAcademy, Chimpers, growing +120% MoM over the past 3 months and helping our launch partners achieve 10x+ more IRL events at a fraction of the cost whilst growing the strength and depth of connection within those communities. As we enter Summer 2023, we’re looking to grow our product offering whilst onboarding 60 new communities onto our platform.


At Little Atlas, we’re building the in-real-life (IRL) coordination layer of web3, integrating online communities into our daily, tangible realities. We aim to revolutionize community interaction, uniting the digital and physical realms to foster deeper connections within tokenized communities such as NFT projects and DAOs. Our vision is a world where these online communities thrive offline too, enriching social interaction and transforming the web3 ecosystem.


For any web3 project, a strong and deeply interconnected community is the lifeblood that propels it forward. Yet, building these profound relationships in online spaces remains a significant challenge due to the inherent limitations of digital interfaces. Additionally, real-world events, although incredibly effective at fostering connections, are often expensive to host, difficult to manage, and challenging to scale, especially for communities distributed across the globe.


Addressing this critical disconnect, Little Atlas serves as a catalyst for community growth and strength. By making in-real-life (IRL) events accessible and inexpensive, we empower communities to host frequent meet-ups on a global scale. Our platform simplifies the process, thereby breaking down geographical barriers and facilitating seamless, regular interactions that foster a sense of unity and belonging in an increasingly interconnected world.


Little Atlas works by onboarding community members through a token-gated community page that maps all members and their geography, using imprecise location to maintain privacy.

  • Discovery features: allow any member to find other members in the same city, perfect for making local connections at home or when travelling.

  • Frictionless event planning: allows members to self-organise and host their own events under the community umbrella. Marketing and coordination is taken care of by the platform.

  • Integrated incentives: enable the community team to reward members for organising and participating in meet-ups - using budget to fund activities and rewarding members with POAPs and airdrops.


We launched in January, and in 4 months helped some of the biggest NFT communities (ZenAcademy, Chimpers, Invisible Friends) connect hundreds of their members IRL through 80+ events planned on the platform. Many members attended their first ever meet-up within their community through Little Atlas.

  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: 3.5k users, growing +120% MoM in 3 months
  • :handshake: 4 communities live on the platform, 10 more launching this summer
  • :tickets: 80 events hosted on the platform
  • :white_check_mark: 350+ total RSVPs to community events
  • :people_hugging: Hundreds of people connected across 6 continents
  • :mega: Increased engagement in our partner communities as a result


Unlike ticketing and token-gating platforms, Little Atlas focuses on the social aspects of IRL connection and event planning. Our geo-mapping feature enables users to discover hot geographical areas within the community and therefore the demand for new meet-ups that wouldn’t have been possible without the platform. We help communities self-organise and decentralise the role of the event organiser, which extends far beyond ticketing and token gating.

Unlike web2 event platforms (like Meetup, Eventbrite) - Little Atlas uses token-gating as single sign-on to access the platform, and over the next few months will seamlessly integrate with Discord and Telegram as well as POAP, to provide a web3-native experience.


Nick Tikhonov
Co-Founder and CEO

  • Software engineer turned product manager - Ex Improbable (a16z), GitHub, Amazon
  • Ran 3 product teams at Improbable (Yuga Labs metaverse tech), and a product line that saved developers $2m in productivity costs
  • Organised 5 hackathons, including the largest in Scotland in 2015

Victoria Johnston
Co-Founder and CTO

  • Ex Sr Software Engineer at Google, YouTube
  • Built a startup in Google accelerator, sold to Google Drive
  • Led infrastructure initiatives at Google scale


10,000 DAI and your support


We will use the funding to:

  • Onboard the MetaCartel community to our private beta, powering the platform for MetaCartel for 2 years
  • Implement product features that help communities collaborate on our platform
  • Onboard 60 high quality web3 communities onto Little Atlas by the end of the year.


Are you in a community that could benefit from joining our private beta? We’re looking to discover and connect with leaders of strong communities who are already throwing events and meeting up.

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