Grant proposal: Monezo

Monezo is a revolutionary platform that connects traditional real world assets & businesses revenue with NFT holders. We are building an ecosystem which will bring a new users in crypto and NFT as well as aggregate experienced users because of unique experience and opportunities provided by our core product Yieldful NFT. We belive that Monezo in collaboration with MetaCartel DAO will be able to increase amount of users, transactions and use cases in both MetaCartel DAO and Monezo ecosystems. Appling for a grant our main priority is to find advisors and partners who can share relavant experience.


Monezo is striving to solve the current market issue which is related to the lack of stable & safe investment opportunities which can offer considerable return of funds in order to handle the hyperinflation rate, degree of risk, and volatility presented in the crypto market.
Therefore, Monezo provides stable, crypto market neutral, high-yield investment opportunities for NFT investors.


What do we solve:
Lack of flexibility in the preferred amount
of capital investments;
Lack of all-in-one platforms that connects
NFT investors and traditional assets &
business owners;
High intermediate fees & expenses charged by management companies;
Lack of tracking tools for real-time yield farming for various asset types;
Lack of investment opportunities independent from the crypto market conditions & volatility (bear market);
High entry-barrier for traditional assets & businesses. Tax and regulatory compliance;


We are just entering the seed stage, so we are starting our first fundraising round. Just within half a year, we have managed to achieve tremendous results and accomplish desired milestones:

Significantly expanded the Monezo team to 15+ members;
finished market research & competitors case study;
finalized idea & project concept;
completed documentation - LitePaper, PitchDeck & OnePager;
settled down various partnerships: MultiBank Group, Pion Finance, Blockpass, Cobalt, Castles Plaza Real Estate etc;
website & marketplace draft;
Pilot projects: Real Estate and Car Rental NFT collections design & concept;
attracted experienced advisors & consultants from industry-leading companies: Accenture, Pion Finance, Dubai Properties, MultiBank Group, etc;
featured in several exhibitions and media resources: best WEB3.0 RigaCOMM 2022 Conference project.


Previously, the industry has seen plenty of prospective projects that tried to utilize the best features of blockchain technologies and investments in traditional assets such as real estate, gold, traditional businesses, stocks, etc. Nevertheless, not a single platform managed to create a sustainable business model to capture valuable market share.
Our solution is to utilize NFT benefits on a platform that links investors and yield revenue generated from the capital-intensive businesses and management of traditional assets. Meanwhile, platform strives to serve retail investors and create appealing conditions to attract businesses and institutional players to the platform.


Monezo project is built of more than 15 persons at this moment. Our founding members are blockchain & fintech veterans and real estate gurus from industry benchmark companies. In Monezo we follow the highest standards and professional approach which our team members gained by taking leadership positions in the world’s greatest companies. We attract advisors and partners from such crypto companies as Lewk, Pion Finance. We have agreements with Parsiq related to on chain analytics and MultiBank Group, wich will assist us in liquidity and fiat to currency transfers.

Executive leadership team LinkedIn profiles:

Valdemārs Barets:
Aleksejs Borodinovs:
Maksims Kurājevs:
Sergejs Hlusovs:
Nick Tretinko:

Additional Resources

Discord: Monezo Official
Twitter: @MonezoXYZ
Monezo deck website (pitch deck & litepaper):