[Grant Proposal] NFT digital badge microscholarships that disrupt education finance

We’ve flipped digital badges into the world’s fisrt decentralized verifiable scholarships and built an easy-to-use platform for people and institutions to create and award their own NFT digital achievement badges filled with tax-deductible ERC-20 tokens. the tokens can be staked and the rewards go to negotiate and erase the student debt of our tokenholders. If that fails, we buy chilis.

It’s part of a new 501c3 non-profit org dedicated to using digital assets to fund education and bring people from student debt slavery into crypto freedom. Led by Dr. Josh Lange, host of CryptoMondays Global and “NFT Professor”, this crypto native ERC1155 tool disrupts education finance, shows a powerful use case for tokenization and NFTs, and “is not a security”.

Site: https://get-smart.net
Check out on rinkeby testnet: https://app.getsmart.net

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