[Grant Proposal] - NFT Party: Web3 social and interactive entertainment platform


Web3 social and interactive entertainment platform


NFT PARTY aims to build a decentralized social and interactive entertainment platform based on NFT, allowing all NFT holders of multiple project to enjoy cross-project social interaction with zero-thresould.

Market Opportunity

The NFT Market cap is over 20 Billion nowdays, however business around NFTs are quite limited. In our opinion, NFTs naturally have social attributes, but their potential as a social interactive entertainment carrier has not been fully tapped, because there is no similar social platform to meet the needs of crypto-native users


What we’ve realized and built.NFTParty is now in beta version, we built an onchain and online nightclub powered by smart contract. It’s a decentralized 3d visual onchain club, where you can cloud dance, chat, throw money and chat with others with your NFTs as avatar. It’s more than just a game, it’s a new way for social and entertainment in web3 world.

Product Features

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In NFTParty, all NFT users can use avatars created based on their own NFT images to socialize and entertain in a brand-new 3D visualization and decentralized way. In addition, users can also obtain rich social graphs based on their own NFT dimensions, and new economic incentives for participation and contribution tokens.


  • MVP UX designs (complete)
  • Smart contracts (complete)
  • Front end (ongoing)
  • Website v2 (ongoing)
  • Tokenomic (ongoing)


Our team members are all web3 believers and fully indulge ourselves in web3.There are 6 members in our team right now, composed of individual builders and working in a decentralized way. Although a small team, we can work as a fully functional studio to make NFT Party a reality.

Grant Request
$ 20,000


We have received no investor funding. We’ve already built an MVP and launch on testnet to prove our cability.

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