[Grant Proposal] Peeranha - Web3 knowledge sharing protocol


Peeranha - knowledge sharing protocol for Web3


Peeranha is a knowledge management protocol for Web3 (think decentralized Discourse or StackOverflow with token incentives).

Peeranha streamlines knowledge management & discovery in Web3, creates incentives for users to contribute, gives ownership of the knowledge back to the community and preserves it by storing on Polygon blockchain and Filecoin.


Our mission is to provide a permanent, asynchronous and open knowledge management protocol for Web3


Effective knowledge sharing is highly important for Web3 communities. However, the current approach in many ecosystems is proven to be very inefficient.

Messengers such as Discord, Telegram, and Slack are the most widely used tools for community Q&A. There are several significant disadvantages of using these tools for community knowledge sharing, particularly Q&A:

  • Questions have a short window of visibility to the community and disappear in the flow of the new messages in communication threads;
  • Existing questions are hard to find causing the same questions to be asked repeatedly;
  • Questions and answers are not indexed by search engines as Google;
  • Questions and answers are not curated;
  • Communities in different messengers and different languages exist in silos.

The diagram below shows current knowledge-sharing flows in the Web3 communities:


Peeranha is dedicated to providing a space for Web3 developers and creators to find solutions to their problems quickly and effectively. We promote the adoption of Web3 technologies by making information accessible to users of all levels of experience. Our users are able to learn Web3 technology while using Web3 technology products. By bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, we hope to increase the total number of users and further the adoption of these innovative technologies.

Web3 knowledge adoption will be achieved by:

  • Discord, Telegram and Slack bots - bot helping to break down the silos between communication channels by allowing post content and receiving notifications;
  • Auto-translation bot - a bot that helps to break down the silos between different languages by instantly translating content posted on Peeranha to various languages;
  • Auto-answer engine - AI and NLP-based engine that allows users to instantly get answers to their questions from a channel that they prefer.

The diagram below shows the proposed knowledge-sharing flow in a community:

The proposed flow breaks down the silos between communication in various channels and languages, structures the most valuable knowledge, and exposes it to search engines such as Google.


Site - https://peeranha.io/

Demo - Meet Peeranha - YouTube

Github - Peeranha · GitHub

The simplified diagram below shows the question and answer flow with the proposed approach allowing users that reside in different channels and speak different languages to collaborate effectively.


We are currently at the stage of discovering product market fit. Peeranha is targeting blockchain projects and communities instead of going after individual users.

Our goal is to give people around the world an open and convenient platform to share and manage knowledge, help each other, and earn income. Cooperation with Web3 communities will show us what we need to focus on to make the platform more sustainable and enjoyable.

Community engagement is critical. Users want to feel that they are part of the product development journey. We will be prioritizing features requested by communities and community managers throughout the lifespan of the product. Customer Success Management Team will ensure deep engagement with Web3 communities.


At the moment, almost any Web3 project can create its community knowledge base on Peeranha absolutely free. Moreover, we provide a white glove service, which includes:

  1. White-label of a community Q&A (design of the community in accordance with its branding and launching a Q&A on the projects subdomain);

  2. Scrapping most valuable knowledge from community platforms;

  3. Connecting an onboarding specialist that will help to organize community knowledge base on Peeranha.


MVP of Peeranha have been released in July 2022. Since the release we have achieved the following:

  1. Onboarded or started onboarding Filecoin, Koii Network, Functionland, Mint State Labs, Filebase communities;
  2. Expanding to Sui chain to become a showcase app for their marketing. Such integration will help us to prepare Peeranha for future expansion to other blockchains.

From the point of development we have developed the first version of Discord bot that will notify users about new posts on their knowledge base on Peeranha. Grant proceeds will be used to create MetaCartel knowledge base on Peeranha, to advance development of the Discord bot and achieve adoption.


There are asynchronous Q&A tools such as Stackexchange (StackOverflow) and Discourse. However, for various reasons these tools are being underutilized. We see several reasons for that.


  • High barrier to entry for the communities. Only the biggest communities have the capacity to start their community on Stackexchange;
  • By the time the Stackexchange community is started, the community is already large enough and used to communicate in Discord, Telegram, or Slack;
  • There is a chance that Stackexchange will not allow crypto communities at all.


  • Lack of incentives for users (e.g. such as reputation on Stackexchange);
  • Communities are used to communicate in Discord, Telegram, or Slack.

There are also philosophical issues with Stackexchange and Discord where a centralized entity owns collective knowledge of the decentralized communities. And we ironically post this application on Discourse.


Slava is CEO of Peeranha and responsible for business development. Prior to Peeranha he started Forte Group, a full-spectrum, global software development company. Forte has 800 employees working out of 9 offices in 6 countries around the world and $50M in revenue.

Sergey is the technical co-founder and responsible for the technology. He is a Software Architect with 15 years of experience building software development teams and working with blockchain technology for the past 6 years. He was the founding engineer at 2 very successful blockchain companies: VM Capital and Bloxroute Labs (raised $90.6M).

Github \ Twitter

Genady is an experienced analyst with PhD in Mathematics. He has a proven ability to design and implement efficient multithreaded (multicore) and massively parallel (CUDA) solutions to models with high computational complexity.

Denys is a Front-end Team Lead with 5 years of experience in development of new user-facing features using different technologies. He has worked on React, Redux, Redux-Saga, JavaScript, HTML, CSS developing web applications.


Oleksandr is backend and smart contracts developer with experience in Node JS, Solidity and C++ software development.


Ulyana is an operations manager with a background in social media marketing, business development and international project management. She is our marketing pioneer and oversees the Peeranha business on a day-to-day basis.


Alexander is a customer success manager and responsible for user lifestyle involvement. Aimed at user satisfaction he will achieve Web3 knowledge adoption.


Grant Request $



Milestone 1

The work on this milestone can happen in parallel with the other milestones.

Goal: Organize MetaCartel knowledge base on Peeranha;


  • Scrapped Discord channels and valuable knowledge extracted to Peeranha;
  • Discord monitored for valuable knowledge and that knowledge moved to MetaCartel Q&A on Peeranha;
  • The knowledge base is continuously updated based on other resources;
  • Knowledge base translated to languages that are important to the MetaCartel community.

People: Hire 1 Customer Success Manager;

Timing: 3 months;

Funding: $2,400;

Milestone 2

Goal: Finiilize bot for Discord;


Final version of the bot for Discord will provide the following capabilities:

  • Notifications to community members about new questions posted on MetaCartel Q&A;
  • Link account on Discord with blockchain account on Peeranha;
  • Post answers to Peeranha protocol from Discord;
  • Reply to questions on Peeranha directly from Discord.
  • Integrate bots to MetaCartel community in Discord.

People: ¼ architect, ½ front-end developer, 1 back-end developer;

Timing: 2.5 months;

Funding: $7,600;


What we are most excited about at Peeranha aside from funding and financial support is the opportunity to build a network of other Web3 communities while working with MetaCartel and its members.

Additional Resources

Technology stack:

  • Smart contracts on Polygon blockchain;
  • File and content storage on Filecoin / IPFS;
  • Decentralized search index on The Graph;
  • Helper services on AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, CloudFront, CloudWatch);
  • User interface on React JS + Redux hosted in AWS S3 + CloudFront.

Contact - Email | Twitter

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