[Grant Proposal] - Project Twelve: a web3 gaming platform and game creator infrastructure


Project Twelve (P12) is a web3 gaming platform and game creator infrastructure. The project scope consists of 3 primary objectives: The Infra, The Econ, The Editor. Through Infra, we offer API/SDK for game devs to bridge their game assets and contents onchain. Through Econ, we implemented a set of economical rules in the form of smart contracts to ensure sustainability. Through Editor, we have developed a game editor with a team of 600+ devs working for over 2 years.


Remake web3 gaming, reimagine metaverse. Game assets are over centralized and underserved in web2, with manipulable/unsustainable game economy and currency. Quite a few R&D commitments have been made on web3 due to short lifespan of games. We are here to break the status quo with premium gaming content made easy with our editor, and a sustainable, stable experience for gamers.


P12 app v1 available on Google Play Store now; 30+ games reached 10/10 criteria (10mins playtime, 10%D2 retention); Editor in closed beta testing with 200+ external developers using it.


Over 1.06 million steam gamers verified with P12, with over 630k+ unique onchain holders. P12 is to hit the major road in 2023 after a year of research, preparation and development. See our milestone breakdown for the next 6 months here: Grant Fund Allocation - Google Docs


  1. More than a gaming platform: Besides being a sole gaming platform, we also target the game creation problems. We built our own game editor (available both in PC and mobile) to serve as a low-threshold game content provider for everyone to use.

  2. Real traction: We have a significant number of users already acknowledging our presence. Over 1.06m users linked their steam (a web2 gaming platform) account with us. upon verification, we also have access to user’s web2 gaming credentials (what games they own, how much money they spent, etc) upon user’s release of privacy setting.

  3. Proven track records: We previously built the #1 mobile gaming platform with 12m DAU in the Chinese market. Team is assembled around entrepreneurships and game veterans.

Core Team:

Boyang - Founder

  • Co-founder and CTO of Bitsoda.com & Matrix Exchange; Core dev of DEx.top; First bitcoin in 2014
  • Previously built No.1 mobile gaming platform with 12m DAU
  • NUS Computer Science graduate, Yale dropout

Zelda - CMO

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • founded the largest offline Hanfu fashion brands in china with over 10m customers & followers
  • Early bitcoin in 2017

JJ - Evangelism Lead

  • Corporate PR background
  • Digital marketing; served many fortune 500s

Amber Drolma - CSO

  • Zhenfund
  • Peking University Grads
  • Web3 individual investor

Grant Request:

Amount requested: $10,000

See our primary fund allocation and milestone here: Grant Fund Allocation - Google Docs

Additional Resource:

Official site: https://p12.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/p12
Mirror (product release notes): mirror.xyz/p12.eth
Link3: p12 | Link3.to
Github: ProjectTwelve · GitHub

Additional References:

Demo (playable versions available):