Grant Proposal - Rapid Protocol

Title : Zapier for web3

Description :

We are building no-code workflow automation suite for web3 Tools. We are zapier for web3.
Manifesto/Vision : I like communities which are strong and where people do not lose interest by having to do a lot of manual tasks. We keep the manual work people have to do to the minimal by automating them. I like to see your network have much broader adoption and even having non-tech people part of the network actively engaging in the space.

Problem :
The workflows between the web3 tools is broken due to lack of automation. The dearth of no code tool to automate workflows further causes the bottlenecks in the non-developer communities.

Solution :
We are building no-code workflow automation suite for web3 Tools. We are zapier for web3.

Product :
A no code dashboard for admins to deploy workflows & access endpoints for all the contributors in the community.

Validation :
We got it validation with 40+ users interviews from various DAOs, NFT Projects, & Ecosystem foundations.

Progress :
We deployed first integration for testing. We plan to develop a full fledged dashboard now.

Differentiation :
User focussed - 100% building based on user conviction.

Team :

  1. Subhasish Goswami : Co-Founder - Protocol Engineer With Blockchain Research Lab, Experience As Blockchain Developer With WazirX (Binance), Expereince As Blockchain Research Engineer With Siemens. NTU Singapore & ETS Montreal

  2. Ram Dheeraj Srigiri : Web3 Investor at 2 VC funds with 250 AUM, Consulting DAOs on Tokenomics & Business Planning, Experienced financial planner @ Rocket Internet, Deep-Tech Analyst @ Lunar Ventures

Grant Request $ : 10,000 USD Grant

Funds : Funds will be used to build MVP with numerous integrations useful for the community.

Additional Resources :
We would need help with getting access to your network of Dapps & Protocol Foundations to deploy and get access to their APIs.