[Grant Proposal] Robinhoot -The Finance Transparency Focused DAO Platform

Transparency has taken center stage in the past couple days after the crash of FTX. Currently, there’s no standardized way of being financially transparent for projects. Robinhoot aims to change that by providing a list of detailed and informative financial disclosure pages of web3 organizations that can be updated efficiently. Organizations like DAOs will be able to communicate vital financial information through Robinhoot and allow members to make better informed decisions.

Promote a more transparent treasury for community driven projects complete with transactions, charts and top recipients, allowing stake holders to make more well-informed governance decisions.

Treasury Disclosure Platform

With Robinhoot, members can view multi-wallet cross-chain treasury assets, review treasury movements, monitor project cashflow and see who the top contributors are and how much they are being paid in a set time all in one shareable link that can be easily shared with the community. Users can also discover interesting projects on the home page and see how different projects are doing financially.

The Robinhoot disclosure page will include the following information for each project:

  • Total balance between all wallets

  • Detailed asset token list

  • Generated Cashflow charts

  • Comprehensive transactions

  • Individual wallet assets

Treasury Management Tool

Safe Treasury is the platform where all the information’s shown on Robinhoot can be managed by multi-sig signers or treasurer. Additional tools are also provided for frictionless financial management including:

  • Payment system

    • Payroll

    • Batch pay

    • Payment requests

  • Asset dashboard

    • Metamask, Walletconnect, Gnosis Safe

    • CEX wallets including Binance, FTX, OKX, Huobi and Coinbase

    • DeFi smart contract asset tracking

    • Cross-chain

  • Cashflow charts

  • Transaction Labeling

  • Token gated/public disclosure via Robinhoot


Both Safe Treasury and Robinhoot are ready for mass adoption and there’s been lots of interest regarding both platforms. Since our launch in late August for Safe Treasury, we’ve seen significant interest in projects and organizations growing the current AUM for Safe Treasury to around 68,000,000 USD.

For Robinhoot, core features are done and now we are working on commenting and Twitter share integration. Our next milestone will be to integrate contribution auto labeling. By implementing transaction details from platforms like DAOhause, Dework, Wonder etc. Transaction details will be logged automatically to boost internal and external transparency.

However, we’d like to keep Safe Treasury free so that more projects can easily adopt a more transparent approach to managing project funding and community wallets and we hope Meta Cartel can aid us on this journey.

Our Team

Developer 11 years of entrepreneurship in Web 2 and Web 3 with rich experience in Financial Management and Computer Engineering. Previously worked at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Developer Independent blockchain tech developer, community contributor, 10 years of experience of software developing. Previously worked at Tencent and Peekaboo Moments.

UI/UX NFT creator and community builder, 10 years of experience in product design and management. Previously worked at VIVO and Dolphin.

Marketing Fine art curator, work for multiple top crypto projects, rich experience in the web3 community building and growth.

Our Ask

$10,000 & Help


The current build of Robinhoot is a bootstrapped MVP and we need funding to launch a more refined product in the next couple months through:

  1. Automated smart contract transaction labeling
  2. Support individual labeling for batch payments
  3. Generate and export legal financial reports and financial audits
  4. DAOhause , Dework, Wonder API integration for transaction details
  5. Cross chain asset integration including Arbitrum, Gnosis, Solana etc.


We would like to invite anyone and everyone who is interested to help bring financial transparency to organizations with us. The MetaCartel community has been instrumental in pushing both DAO and Defi ecosystems. We are looking for like-minded contributors to help us develop and execute our ideas. Current tasks include:

Locating and listing suitable projects and organizations Wallet verification and disclosure page maintenance Testing, feature suggestions, constructive criticism and feedback.

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