Grant Proposal: SiloHaus ERC6551 NFT Membership DAOs


SiloHaus is working in collaboration with Future Primitive / TokenBound to offer a suite of products focused on ERC6551 NFT Membership DAOs built on DAOhaus Protocol. The two primary solutions currently being worked on include a launchpad for creating new NFT membership collections and a claim app for governance enabling existing NFT collections. These two solutions will be referred to as Silo Core and Moloch RDF, respectively.

Silo Core

The SiloHaus launchpad streamlines crowdfunding and onboarding for DAOs via ERC6551 NFT membership sales. Summoners can import their own NFT designs or even their own ERC721 contracts. Silo’s standard tooling will enable a single graphic (think logo or branding), or 1:1 collections (think custom or AI art), or opt-in to advanced mode to use a custom ERC721 contract for generative style collections and more advanced functionality.

As the NFTs are sold, their coinciding TBAs are deployed and Shares/Loot minted into them.

Working on collaborations with several DeFi protocols and projects, custom DeFi proposal types will be provided for all siloDAOs to simplify treasury management operations with the raised funds from the NFT sales.

Read more about how siloDAOs can be used:

Moloch RDF

Complimenting Silo Core, Moloch RDF (Retroactive DAO Formation) is essentially an interface for existing NFT collections to deploy ERC6551 TBAs and claim Moloch Shares and Loot. The claim works by assigning a predetermined amount of Shares and/or Loot to the NFT TBAs (token bound accounts) of a select NFT collection (contract address) during the DAO summoning process. Once claimed, the NFTs themselves are the actual members of the Moloch DAO, granting both governance and economic rights to the holders.

Each DAO that is summoned using the Moloch RDF tool will be equipped with a claim app and a Yeeter proposal type to easily onboard communities and run crowdfunding events.

RDF Prototype

ERC6551 NFT Membership DAO UX

Since DAOhaus does not support ERC6551 NFT memberships out of the box, SiloHaus will build the necessary additions to the the DAOHaus SDK and front end toolkits for holders to interact with Moloch DAOs. This includes a claim app, NFT collection creation app, wallet UX for managing NFTs, delegation, voting, proposals, and ragequit.

Silo product suite will first be deployed on Optimism and Ethereum, with plans for Arbitrum, Gnosis, and Base.

MetaCartel has a real opportunity to support and align with an ambitious product that is establishing a new user experience for NFT membership DAOs that leverage the ERC6551 standard.

We are asking for 5 ETH to support development, as well as social validation via tweet, added to website, etc. Silo will add MetaCartel to the website and all promotional material going forward.

SiloDAO is on Optimism, so we will receive the grant at silohaus.eth (0x3f71f95F710e2Fa6bE8BD356Afd3F0bb2Cb54343) and handle the bridging.


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