Grant proposal: Sprintcheckout (The Stripe of Ethereum - Live on mainnet)

What is it Sprintcheckout?

Sprintcheckout it is the first Ethereum payment Gateway based on Layer 2.
Currently, it is available on Woocommerce (Wordpress ecommerce platform). Check Sprintcheckout on the Wordpress plugin directory plugin.
Coming next to Shopify, so we cover 50% of ecommerce websites (source).

Our mission: Bankless, fast and cheap payments

  1. Focused on Layer 2. As opposed to saturate layer ones, which would get expensive if included every transaction.
  2. Focused on Ethereum as the only settlement layer.
  3. Focused on user experience:
    • Customers does not pay any fee on the purchase.
    • Merchants pays small fee to zkSync and Sprintcheckout (always cheaper than Paypal and Stripe)
    • Merchants sets up payment plugin in their store in seconds with just their public address, no need to do KYC and create a bank account.

Grant request ($)

Amount requested: $2,500


  • Shopify Payment plugin consultant: £2,000
  • Incentivize merchants to adopt Sprintcheckout and activate the zkSync account (up to $20 per account activation): $500
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