[Grant Proposal] Test DAO - Onboarding and Contribution Revolutionalized


TestDAO is a community focused on onboarding people of all shades, from all areas of the world, into Web3. We will be achieving this by assisting contributors in learning the basics of handling decentralized tools, applications and organizations via testing. help equip them properly via testing.

The idea of TestDAO was born as a result of some roadblocks I encountered on my journey into Web3. Even though Web3 was made to be inclusive, I found out most DAOs aren’t as inclusive as they claim to be. I thought DAOs could be made more welcoming and inclusive. DAOs should be a community where members can freely initiate ideas and make suggestions (which are highly welcomed) irrespective of their color, gender or level of experience.


TestDAO is a project started in BanklessDAO. We believe in an inclusive community where experimentation with collaboration is the order of the day. Everyone has equal opportunity to participate irrespective of their level of experience, skill sets or available opportunities. We believe for the world to become bankless, we should be able to investigate the possibilities of the Web3 space.


People new to Web3 have trouble understanding how to participate in it. This is due to how stringent handling and using most decentralized apps and toolings can be.

In contrast, 7 out of 10 new members talk about how overwhelming onboarding in DAOs can be. Reading on the operations of the DAO, where and how to contribute, including setting up one’s wallet, there are streams of channels and apps to navigate through before a new joiner can properly participate in a DAO. It is safe to say without the basic knowledge of how to navigate apps – which include but are not limited to Discord, Metamask and Dework, a new joiner might get overwhelmed or even quit on starting.

In this respect, DAOs need active contributors and builders who can help facilitate and manage its operations, in order to reach its goals. Operations might demand having to understand how specific DApps work and how they are being used. This means the more equipped these contributors and builders are, the more efficient they can contribute to the growth of DAOs they find themselves, viz a viz.


How we are Encouraging Women, People of Color (POC) and marginalized groups to be a part of the Test DAO, and Web3 as a whole. We want to include as many as we can, buy building a new style of onboarding that can help contributors become more comfortable in their skin.

Web3 is still very early, which is why experimenting is inevitable. TestDAO set out to find ways to help onboard new folks into the DAO ecosystem, DAO mentality and DAO way of life, with ease. We are building a community that aims to empower everyone, including women, and people of color, among other demographics. We will use the community efforts to build out the ideas that contributors have via empowerment sessions, access to dialogue with blockchain builders who have been successful in the space and fundraising efforts to bring our contributors’ visions to fruition.

We are working on building an intimate process to help new members confidently contribute to the DAOs where they want to contribute, build where they want to build and be comfortable in the community they find themselves in. We want to offer access to people who are looking to learn, but are clueless on how, through workshops, research efforts, and crowdsourced documentation of tools. We believe that we can work towards the full adoption of crypto and Web3 by researching and experimenting Web3 tools, with access available to everyone, including underserved communities.


Currently, we have over a hundred Web3 enthusiasts in our discord server working together to build a conducive and inclusive community.

We have hosted DAO tooling demonstrations by protocols which include Den, Parcel.Money, Build in Public and Rep3. These events were held in order for community members to ask questions in a more intimate setting, giving them access that they may not have had. Community members were able to ask questions and learn more about their creative processes, and the products that they have built.

We have also invited community members to share their tooling ideas, to empower innovation and collaboration in a community that is receptive.


We are actively researching and testing for more tooling solutions, while documenting these walkthroughs in media and written form.

We are working towards holding workshops to present DAO tooling education and research. This will help contributors gain experiences that they can use to build their own projects, communities, and to contribute to larger DAOS.

Likewise, we are working on building our website to enlarge our reach and help onboard as many people into Web3.



Branch Banker by day looking to find ways to revolutionize “finance”. By assisting people within and outside of Web3 to find ways to think outside the box when it comes to financial needs, and banking. She joined BanklessDAO as a way to learn about more than just “making bank”, but to also find ways to help others who feel like they’ve been slighted by the financial system.

Sprinkleforwinners - Have associates degrees in business management and business finance. She worked for 7 years in corporate finance as a finance manager, built a small business and remains responsible for its financial aspects. She is dedicated to raising 4 future Web3 builders!


A writer of copies and contents, who is rooting for a world changing DAO and a promising Web3.


A large format operator & a graphics designer. He does general branding for offices and manages a printing press company.

Grant Request $

We are requesting $12,000 USDC

Financial Breakdown 12000 USDC
Research 2000
Testing Bounties 2000
Testing and Educational Facilitator x 2 4000
Relationships/Marketing 2000
Finance/Treasury Management 2000

Breakdown Explanation

Research - Research on Tools, and Onboarding Framework (thinking of ways to help members onboard to DAOs throughout the ecosystem with more ease

Testing Bounties - Testing, Walkthrough Builds, and Education Program build for Test DAO Workshops

Testing and Educational Facilitator * 2 - Testing, Walkthrough Builds, and Education Program build for Test DAO Workshops

Relationships and Marketing - Includes: Website Build, Social Media, Marketing Needs for Relationship Building

Finance and Treasury Management - Includes: Website Build, Social Media, Marketing Needs for Relationship Building


We could use more tooling demonstrations by protocols who are willing to widen their reach.

Additional Resources

Discord - The Test DAO

Twitter - https://twitter.com/thetestdao

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hey, thanks so much for the proposal. We should get you in for a pitch of your project to a townhall meeting.

One quick note, the grants usually max out at 10k, often times in 5k chunks after some kpi


Ah! That makes a ton of sense :smile:

It would be easy to reconfigure some of the totals to fall in line with the 10k.

Let me know when a good time to pitch would be!