[Grant Proposal] verza: a platform to create gamemodes on the browser!

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Very excited to share with the community this Grant Proposal for verza!


A solution for developers and designers to build game modes on the browser that provide engaging and immersive experiences for users. Verza will offer a variety of features and tools for developers to create and host interactive games, as well as social networking tools that enable scalable communities and interoperability. By building this solution, verza will support the development of diverse and scalable game economies.


  • At Verza, we believe that anyone should be able to build a game mode with Javascript on the browser, and our platform is designed to make that a reality. With our cutting-edge technology, you can create game modes that are realistic and scalable. We are the first in the market to offer such a solution, and we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve.

  • Some of the key benefits of using Verza include:

  • No downloads required, faster load times, and shorter development time

  • High-quality graphics and physics (we use modern and effective web tech such as web assembly, web workers, web codecs and WebGPU)

  • Advanced animations (inverse kinematics - future!)

  • Immersive gameplay experiences

Our long-term vision is to build the ultimate tool for gamers and communities, providing an AAA immersive experience on the browser.

We believe that by sharing the power and ease of creating game modes on the browser, we can empower communities and bring a new level of accessibility to game development. By offering an awesome game and developer experience for free to anyone, we aim to democratize the process of creating and playing gamemodes.

We want to break down the barriers that have traditionally hindered game development, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.


Developing games for the browser requires programming skills, game design expertise, and an understanding of how to create engaging user experiences. Additionally, building game modes that can scale and support large numbers of players can be a complex undertaking, as it involves designing and implementing systems for managing game economies, social interactions, infra networking and other aspects of the gaming experience.

There are several challenges and risks associated with creating game modes for the browser. These include:

  1. Browser compatibility: Different browsers have different capabilities and may not support certain features or technologies used in the game. We’ll have to support just Chrome at the beginning, we will support other browsers in the long term.

  2. Performance: Games can be resource-intensive, and browsers may not be able to handle the load, resulting in slow performance or crashes. Yes it is a challenge but at verza we handle it!

  3. Security: Games can potentially access sensitive information on a user’s device or network, which can be a security risk. Yes it is a challenge but at verza we handle it!

  4. Cross-platform compatibility: Games may not work consistently across different devices or platforms. Yes is a challenge but we’ll have support for this.

  5. User experience: Games may not be optimized for browser-based play, leading to a poor user experience. We are working on this to create the best developer and user experience with the platform and SDKs.

  6. Game development tools: Limited game development tools for browser-based games may make it harder for developers to create high-quality games. Yes, that’s why we are doing everything from scratch.

  7. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack: browser-based games are vulnerable to DDoS attacks which can cause the game to crash or malfunction. We’re experienced handling this kind of situation for the last 10 years in the gaming community and so why we’ll offer it for free on our multi-region multiplayer network architecture for free! Network problems and scalability should not be a blocker for any creator to grow.

  8. Power consumption: browser-based games can consume a lot of power on mobile devices, which can be a problem for users with low battery levels. Yes, it is, it’s part of the optimization, and yes, we are handling it too.

Overall, creating game modes for the browser is challenging because it requires a balance between performance, security, and user experience, while also ensuring compatibility across different browsers and devices.


By providing developers with a range of features and tools specifically designed for building games on the browser, creating these types of experiences can be made more streamlined and efficient.

The market for browser-based games is likely to be large, as these types of games are accessible to a wide audience and can be played on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Developers building games on the metaverse are likely looking for platforms that offer a wide range of features and tools for creating and hosting their games. These may include features such as customizable avatars, interactive environments, and social networking tools. Also, devs want it to be scalable, meaning they can handle large numbers of users and support a variety of game modes and genres. Additionally, developers may be looking for platforms that offer a supportive and collaborative community of other developers who can provide feedback, advice, and resources. This is for any person or team of game designers, developers, artists, and other professionals who are interested in building and sharing their own gameplay experience on the metaverse.


Verza is going to be open to anyone, for free.

Character builder and SDKs will be available for all game modes, for free.

We are looking for collaborations with brands and gaming, devs, designers, web3 and web2 communities!

How can someone start using your project once available?

  • Register for an account on the platform.

  • Access the platform’s control panel and create a new server.

  • Add any pre-made official or non-official scripts like a FlyMode (why not? Everyone likes to fly!)

  • If you are a dev then install the verza’s SDK and create your own scripts and gamemodes.

Share your server with your friends and community, have fun!


  1. The gaming industry is expected to grow $300 Billions by 2025.

  2. The browser games market is expected to grow to $8.98 billion in 2026.

  3. Players spend $100 Billion each year on in-game items.

  4. Billion Crypto Users Projected by 2030.

  5. GPU for the web is now! Many browsers are starting to support webGPU by March 2023.

  6. My team is ready for this challenge, we are builders and gamers, with a ton of experience in building digital products. We are capable of achieving it!

Value to Metacartel

  • A paradise of use cases: We would be happy to guide MetaCartel community on creating the first server! This could be a hub for MetaCartel to connect members.

  • Meta Cartel Community as a priority waitlist for the launch of Character Builder!

  • Identifying new community opportunities inside verza servers

Milestones for the Character Builder (Mochi Stage) and for this request:

Q2. 2023

Character model and Morphs

Character clothing and attachments

Character Animations

Character editor

Character Controller

Character Physics

Milestones for the next 12 months:

Noob Stage: verza Lobby

World Chunks System

Multi-region Network Balancer

Client SDK

Server SDK

Casual Gamer stage: verza Beta

Gamified system foundations


Interoperability system base


Alpha Testing:

  • World assets: Sky and weather

  • Character models

  • Face customization base

  • Clothing base

*SDK base code


Team Overview:
We’ve been working together for over 12 years, building different types of digital products, MVPs, and communities across various industries, including communications, finances, blockchain, and gaming. We love gaming, and as builders, we know how to create and deliver high-quality products. We’re passionate about user experience, and we’re excited to bring our skills and experience to the metaverse.

We are 4 and we have been working on verza for 4 months full-time.

CTO: Jorge is a self-taught full-stack developer and DevOps maestro. He has over 17 years of experience and is known for his ability to process 100k requests per second for just $5 USD a month.

VP of Engineering: Augusto has 14 years of experience building digital products, including the most important platform for sending SMS in Mexico, which was acquired by Twilio.

CDO: Eduardo has 10 years of experience in game design and is a key player in our efforts to create engaging gameplay experiences that will be loved by players everywhere.

CEO: About me, I’m a co-creator of TechnoLatinas, an organic community that provides personal and professional support for every person who identifies as a woman in tech. Team builder and product builder, with over 10 years of experience creating digital products and communities as a Product Manager, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

Grant Request - 10,000 USDC

(We are bootstrapping verza at the moment, and haven’t received any grant or funding)

Funds - Funds will go on the development of our “Mochi stage Milestones” in order to launch the Character builder in April 2023.

Additional Resources

Website — https://verza.io
Github — https://github.com/verzaio
Twitter — https://twitter.com/verza_io

Gitbook - will be ready next week!
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