[Grant Proposal] Zenland - The First Web3 Escrow Solution with Stablecoins


Zenland is the world’s first smart contract escrow dApp that supports stablecoins.


Zenland is a Solidity-written smart contract application that connects the end-user with the blockchain to send, keep, and release funds from a smart contract. Our smart contract escrow application is the first to integrate stablecoins with the web3 escrow logic to enable fair and safe peer-to-peer transactions of digital goods/services without a middleman.


We believe in the power of smart contracts to finally get us moving from centralized to decentralized finance. There are many ways to implement smart contracts to upgrade our daily lives and bring safety and security into them. But every project starts small and grows from there. A safe and simple web3 escrow contract with stablecoins is our first step towards the vision.


Rather than putting up a raw number of users scammed online, we’d share our collective experience as digital users to uncover the problem most of us had to deal with. The problem is how to trust someone we only know by their nickname or even a card name?

Three times out of ten our next “big deal” wouldn’t go as planned. Either the seller has “fallen off the face of the earth” after receiving the payment, or the buyer claimed a chargeback without returning the purchase. And so, these promising one-on-one deals without an escrow would end up in loss rather than profit.


To change that, we have built Zenland, a smart contract escrow application that supports stablecoins as payment (now in open beta). Here’s how it solves the problem:

  1. You don’t have to trust anyone - not the person you are dealing with, or a hired escrow agent - because none of them receives or keeps the payment. A simple one-page escrow contract serves as your temporary blockchain account and safely locks the payment until both sides complete the agreed conditions. It’s much like a vending machine - you don’t have to guard it; it just works. You input the money to output snacks.

  2. No personal data (email, billing address, etc.) is collected or verified - our grand vision reflects an idea of web3, anonymous yet secure, trustless yet transparent. The access is only through web3 wallets (just MetaMask, for now) without signup.

  3. Stablecoins have a fixed value (1 USDT ≅ $1). Hey, it’s 2022 and no one buys or sells pizza with Bitcoin, right? Bearish or bullish, the money you pay or receive for the product or service would not drop or shoot up regardless of the altcoin prices.


Our current product - a smart contract escrow application with stablecoin integration - is in the open beta now.

The interface is hosted at https://app.zen.land and can be accessed and tested by any MetaMask user.

Through a simple UI with built-in escrow contracts, users can approve, deploy, and execute smart contract code without technical knowledge. The service fee is charged per contract from the user’s internal wallet. There is no balance minimum as long as it is enough to pay the service fee for a specific contract.

If interested, a brief video guide on how to use Zenland escrow contracts is here.

Zenland contracts are written in Solidity 0.8.x, and support the majority of EVM-compatible networks.

Below is the list of the available main and test networks and supported tokens.

  • Ethereum Mainnet (USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI)
  • Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet (USDT)
  • Binance Smart Chain Mainnet (BUSD, USDT, USDC)
  • Binance Smart Chain Testnet (BUSD)
  • Avalanche C-chain (USDC, USDT, DAI)
  • Polygon Mainnet (USDT, USDC, BUSD)
  • Fantom Opera (USDC, DAI)

Core Features

As of today, the following features have been enabled:

  1. anonymous and secure web3 login (via MetaMask extension) without email or password;
  2. decentralized escrow with escrow contracts integrated with 5 major public blockchains;
  3. autonomous (no third-party access) and programmable time-locked access to contract funds;
  4. it supports only trusted major-use cryptocurrency tokens, such as USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI;
  5. built-in logic for unsettled cases — on-call dispute resolution by a Zenland agent;
  6. real-time execution and control of Zenland contracts (via a user-friendly “Contract Control” interface);
  7. in-app contract chat displays associated blockchain transaction logs and contract states);
  8. internal wallet to pay a service fee;


Currently, our smart contract escrow application is in open beta and we are gathering feedback from the community. It is accessible at https://app.zen.land through MetaMask login. We are actively working on adding more web3 wallets to log in. The application itself consists of the built-in escrow contract, its control interface, and a contract chat associated with a specific contract. Our user documentation with a detailed explanation of contract terms, integrated blockchain networks and tokens, and the actions and states the contract is subjected to until it is executed. This grant application is motivated by the need to accelerate Zenland’s further development by implementing full-scale user testing with bug bounties and code audit, before the public launch.


What has initially started as an idea to eliminate the risk of being scammed while selling a website or domain, has grown into Zenland, a simple blockchain escrow project with friendly UI and long-discussed smart contract logic.

It’s no secret that other existing escrow services charge heavy fees, require unnecessary paperwork, and do not serve certain countries. Zenland intends to solve it through a simple one-page escrow contract protected by the transparency and security of a public blockchain. Stablecoin payments done by Zenland escrow users add stability to contracted payments.

A more detailed explanation of the core concept of a smart contract escrow and its implementation is in Zenland user documentation.


We are a multinational team of four full-time developers, one QA, one UI/UX designer, and three market researchers/content writers with experience in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, crypto trading, blockchain application development, SEO, content writing, etc.

Diornov - me, the founder, developer (Solidity, DevOps), and project manager
Product (UI/UX) designer - Olim Ruzibayev
Front end developers - Anvar Akhmadjanov (React, Typescript)
- Ravshan Halimov (JavaScript, React)
Back end developer - Ruslan Shamsutdinov (Solidity, Python, MongoDB)
QA manager - Khusan Kodyrov
Market researcher/SEO - Rakhmatilla Aliev
Market researcher/Content writer - Mila Kim
Assistant writer - Aziz Umaraliev

Grant Request $

$ 8000 - $ 10 000 that will be used for hiring a few professional beta-testers, and run a bug bounty program for community contributions. If funds are lefts, we will consider getting more developers on board to implement escrow smart contracts on Solana and other blockchains.


We haven’t received any funds yet. Zenland started with the founder’s own initial investment of time and resources to build the team.


We would like MetaCartel to try Zenland escrow contracts and provide feedback via Discord/Telegram to help us further improve its usability and fix bugs (if any). Also, spreading the word and helping us grow our communities on social media or warm intros to people who may help us with testing, auditing, or further development is appreciated.

Additional Resources

Website: https://zen.land
Zenland escrow app: https://app.zen.land
User documentation: https://docs.zen.land
Discord: Zenland Official Discord
Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Medium: ZENLAND – Medium

Hello Team

I am web3 dapp advocate and working in the FinTech blockchain industry; and glad to inform you that I have a common interest as what your team has. I believe your team has done excellent job which I admire.

I am in position to finance the budget you are willing to seek. If you haven’t reached your finance goal, please feel free to reach out to me. FYI - I am in UK

Meanwhile, a very similar web3 escrow service has just come into market yesterday.

Please feel free to reach me out anytime.

Thank you