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Earth Oblivion


Earth Oblivion is a Sci-Fi Action Fantasy MMORPG NFT game developed in Unity Engine. Players engage in fierce multi battles in the expansive Sci-Fi open-world game. Earth Oblivion is all-out of battle of skills where the best players are in a constant battle to beat other players to earn more rewards. Earth Oblivion is being developed for PC, with iOS and Android cross-platform multiplayer in the future.


  • Earth Oblivion carries the mission to build a groundbreaking project in which players can benefit from their participation and investments towards a mutually sustainable future.
  • Earth Oblivion carries the mission to enact the movement of a huge wave of traditional market players to the NFT market, which promises to make the crypto market ever more competitive and dynamic
  • Create an esport atmosphere in Earth Oblivion Game with Earth Oblivion Championship featuring influencers
  • Build and attractive Earth Oblivion Metaverse that attracts a large number of Gaming Players to the GameFi Ecosystem, which is to make them explore Galaxy and enjoy every features


In the current world of blockchain games, developers have learned how to build an interesting game economy and create a real earning opportunity for their community. However, the level of gameplay of most market leaders resembles technology from 20 years ago, and the earning model is often very difficult to understand. We want to allow users to make money in a fun and easy way


We are developing a product based on the Unity Engine & UnrealEngine4 and focusing our implementations primarily on the leaders of traditional gaming. The earnings model will work according to a primitive but effective algorithm: invest, multiply (have fun), and collect the cream. We will also use stable coins as the basis of earnings, which will alloto calculate their profitability easilyfitability.


3D Action MMORPG: You can see the alpha Game: Youtube


Earth Oblivion has a robust marketing plan with detailed marketing funnels for both - investors as well as gamers for each stage that the project will be in:

  • Pre-IDO;
  • Post-IDO;
  • INO;
  • Pre-game launch;
  • Post-game launch.
    Each stage requires different strategies and will combine aspects of:
  • Progress communication through own & partner social media channels
  • Community building in Indonesia, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Turkish markets
  • Ambassadors programs, AMAs, treasure hunts, competitions, and other community events
  • KOLs (several onboarded tier 1 KOLs and hundreds of smaller/niche KOLs)
  • Announcements of new investors, guilds, partners, and CEX/DEX listings.
  • Mainstream Influencers (with a focus on both - crypto natives as well as mainstream gamers)
  • Crypto gaming guilds (AMAs, early access, guild fights, streaming)
  • Mainstream gaming guilds (early access, guild fights, streaming)
  • Partnerships with other top crypto & mainstream games (actionable partnerships with real value add for both games’ communities)
  • Partnerships with well-known brands and game studios.
  • In-game events (themed tournaments, star fights, holiday celebrations)
  • …and other exciting & unique strategies to be seen.


  • Game development
  • Earth Oblivion’s product is tried and tested, therefore it is easier to promote, it facilitates word-of-mouth support and, in short, it leads the way. We want the game to be detailed and fun to play, incentivized by earning money at the same time. Earth Oblivion aims to revolutionize MMORPG games as we know them today. To achieve this, We have a top team of experienced developers that will grow as the game progresses.
  • The possibilities for the development of Earth Oblivion are endless and we know that. That is why we made it their long-term intention to create Earth Oblivion’s own open universe within the game.
  • Game launch
  • On June Earth Oblivion’s Pre-Alpha Prototype game came out. A small demo made in just over one month with which we wanted to recreate what we want to achieve with Earth Oblivion in the future. Thanks to this pre-alpha Prototype, many people have been able to see the project’s potential and joined the community.
  • The pre-alpha Prototype has also helped to promote the game in these initial months. We used pre-alpha footage to share on our social media channels.
  • KOLs, Influencer Marketing, and Partnerships
  • We are in contact with opinion leaders and content creators in line with their vision of a blockchain MMORPG Game.


Pre-Alpha version


In this case, Earth Oblivion offers an exciting and fun adventure with the concept of endless adventure. The user can customize the character and integrate it with AR. Earth oblivion lets users make money while having fun by participating in-game activities and incentivizes players by often earning XVION rewards by combating monsters and other players using skill and attacks. They are progressing through the various game levels. We have several distinct features you will find yourselves trying. Endlessly unique character and adventure. Maps that had a broad moment, a thrilling and exciting adventure, would have made out different from others. Through P2E, users can have a distinct advantage that would be unimaginable. For sure, we also focused on the security of assets and fun in the game, with some of these features allowing users to get more benefits than they ever imagined.


Our team of experts has extensive experience in the blockchain industry. Also, we will expand our team in Blockchain Industry. Then we have the dedicated game studio team hired for the game, which consists of many people. Our Game Studios have years of experience creating games with stunning visuals and excite our users. Our game studios are Xire Studios. Xire Studios are top of the company in Indonesia. They have millions of users using their game products on iOS and Android. They had project experience in 2D and 3D gameplay. They made 3D asset gameplay with a unique visual design.n Users could choose the best character, costumes, weapons, etc., provided, making it easier to access and purchase items. They make graphics look real and add uniqueness to each character, more features, and faster equipment to make this game’s visualization more thrilling.

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Primary Funding Needs:

  • Development Alpha-beta
  • Building Marketplace

Additional Resources
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