Grant Request: Spekt - The Web3 Quest Builder for Effective Community Engagement




Spekt (as in “Respect”) is a system of tools and interfaces that makes it easy to design, deploy, manage, integrate and monitor complex gamified user engagement campaigns on Web3.


Organizations and their communities thrive because of the contributions and involvement of their members. To build tighter and stronger communities, we believe that positive engagement should be rewarded, and that these rewards should accumulate in a way that empowers the most engaged members of a community (eg. enhanced permissions, voting rights, influence). By giving community leaders the tools they need to build rewarding pathways to success, they will be able to utilize proven strategies of gamification that will attract not simply more users, but engaged users that are dedicated to the their communty’s longterm success.


Building a community is difficult. Building a gamification strategy for onboarding users into your community is difficult. Keeping track of all of your members, what and how they’ve contributed, is difficult. Finding new ways to engage your community and keep them involved is difficult. Creating new partnerships that bridge the gap between two communities and ecosystems is difficult.

Zapper Quests, Rabbit Hole, Layer 3, Coordinape, SourceCred… A lot of projects are building quests or contribution tracking tools with embedded rewards to incentivize users to learn and contribute to specific web3 communities.

Yet most of them rely almost exclusively on financial rewards through siloed tracking mechanisms or static proof-of-contribution in the form of NFTs. These mechanisms have proven ineffective for filtering “mercenaries” who are trying to “game” the system to gain an advantage over organic contributors with the sole purpose of claiming financial rewards. These mercenaries have no commitment to the communities they take advantage of and tend to do more damage than good.

Furthermore, they do not let community builders design and develop their own quests and build on top of contributors’ existing on-chain reputations.


Spekt solves this problem by offering an intuitive platform for community builders to create their own quests. By leveraging on-chain reputation discovery, gated accesses, and design mechanisms such as proof-of-contribution dependencies, quest bundling, cross-community quests, omnichain support, and weighted credit rewards, community builders will effectively establish and track the consequences of contributor actions, as well as promote them without the burden of depending on financial rewards alone.

Technically, we by providing the tools and technology to easily create a network of NFT contracts. This network can be composed in a way that creates a user journey, where the completion of each step is rewardable with an NFT, but only after the previous steps have been completed (tracked by NFT ownership and/or on-chain transaction). By using NFTs, we create an on-chain history of user engagement that can be easily tracked/monitored, as well as facilitating the creation of collectible tokens that can provide access to exclusive benefits via the issuer.

Even the most complex network configurations are easily handled with Spekt. Community leaders can ensure that only honest and hardworking contributors can access specific community components such as protocol functions, group chat channels, events, project management dashboards, content, hackathon, grants, airdrops, etc.

This combination of account-based and dynamic proof-of-contribution is a promising approach to ensuring that the value generated by the community is equitably and fairly distributed.

For contributors, Spekt gives insights on how to improve their on-chain reputation and how to unlock their most wanted gated accesses from their favorite communities by completing specific quests.


Core Features

  • Visual graph campaign (“quest”) builder
  • One-click NFT deployment
  • Import existing NFT contracts from the blockchain
  • User-engagement dashboard

Secondary Features

  • API
  • Link NFT networks (partnerships between organizations)
  • Multichain support

Long-term Vision Pipeline/Partnerships/Integrations (Community Tools)

  • End-user (community member) dashboards, profiles, avatars
    • Coordinape, SourceCred
  • Identity NFTs
    • Sismo, Mazury, Proof of Humanity, ENS,
  • Discord integrations and/or dedicated organization spaces
    • Forefront Studio, Coinvise, Bonfire,, Collab.Land, Degenscore, Mintgate, Unlock
  • Drop calendars
    • Gateway, POAP
  • Social networking
    • Eg. Lens Protocol

Potential Features

  • Updatable NFT (dynamic NFTs) metadata via GUI (maybe?)


To validate the value of Spekt, we will work with existing organizations (ie DAOs), as well as potentially a few communities that might be new to web3 (ie musicians, event organizers), to help them use Spekt to build out their campaigns. These initial partners will be invaluable in terms of validating use cases and features. We would love to work directly with the MetaCartel community! We think Spekt would be a great way to tighten the community and help it grow.


We’re still in the very early stages. We have the concept outlined above, along with our feature pipeline and initial mock-ups. We’ve discussed a potential partnership with Vrumble, which is interested in potentially working with us and future partners to create interesting applications for anointing NFTs as part of the quests.


There aren’t any other products that are the same as Spekt. There are easy-to-use NFT builders/deployers. There are groups already using gamification and quests for user engagement, and some are doing it specifically with NFTs. We think these projects are awesome, and we want to bridge these concepts together via a tool with which any organization can easily create a similar (and more!) amazing experience for their communities. We believe that initially, our UI will be our greatest differentiator since there are no other tools that allow users to visualize campaigns, quests, and NFT dependency networks, and building such a tool is technically challenging. But as the networks grow and become more complex, the underlying system that manages those networks will become invaluable and allow Spekt to stand out as the tool for NFT networks and gamified user engagement management.

We go a step further by making interlinking different Spekt networks a core feature; this is an important differentiator since most tools are focused on helping a single organization, while ours brings the entirety of web3 together.


Andrew Garde Joia - Founder, Architect

Product development macgyver, able to ideate, design, develop, and deploy software products from the ground up. Lead software engineer at Policygenius and before moving into the crypto space with Coinhouse. Currently mastering Solidity and Web3 development.

Paul Drouet - Community outreach and partnership coordinator

Entrepreneur and Web3 Strategic Product Manager passionate about building non-extractive and decentralized ventures on top of crypto-primitives.

Four years of experience, leveraging industry trends and competitive analysis to improve products including Cryptio, Kraken, StakeDAO, Coinhouse, Pragmafy, Mooni, Artprice.

Grant Request $

$10k for building out MVP with core features above


We haven’t raised any funds to date.


We want organizations to use this tool – we think it’s great, and the more organizations that use it, the better it will be for the network. New use cases and new partnerships would be the biggest help.

That said, we’ll always be happy to work with awesome people! We’d be happy to grow the team or figure out the best way to involve anyone who wants to be involved.