Grassroot gamefi experiment "DarkBattle"

Hi all,

DarkBattle is a self-funded, community-led NFT gamefi project that combines the innovative superpowers of DeFi and NFTs, and focuses on context-based player engagement.

We would like to be considered for the grant that will help our small team continue to experiment with new game mechanics and find a solution to the owners’ cash flow problem.

1) Background

Why is DarkBattle cool?
DarkBattle is the first platformless blockchain-based game that is packed with DeFi 2.0 innovations.The game design is based on the principles of decentralization: simplicity, repetition, transparency, security, and speed.

DarkBattle’s platformless game design offers a simplistic counter solution to the new era of online social gaming, allowing players to get up to speed quickly and enjoy the game much faster. Players do not need to download the game’s app to their devices, relearn the interaction and new game pattern UI; the mechanic is woven into the existing social platform. We believe that this is a great way to provide a minimalist and low-barrier entry point for all. With interactions that are more contextual than ever before, DarkBattle encourages new and existing players to effortlessly participate in the game.

In addition, by creating a game environment where non-players and a wider group of audiences can participate as observers, transparency and safety are built into the game design by default. The rules of the game are both set and maintained by the community of players and participating public, as opposed to a closed, exclusionary culture dictated by one group. This public approach to gameplay and development can greatly increase the personal safety of players and the safety of the game infrastructure itself.

Here you can read more details about our game mechanics and probabilistic model of user decisions based on the Bernouli distribution (coin flip probability), but also about the game rules, including the introduction of HyperHuman Academy, Deathless City and all the other cool stuff.

2) The Idea

We plan to introduce an Asset-Backed Utility Token with a fixed supply of 100 million for the upcoming DarkBattle game. The token will serve as an incentive for stakeholders in our game ecosystem. The token will provide access to future features in the game and potentially governance rights. It will also give NFT holders access to liquidity without having to sell their NFTs.

3) Execution.
To ensure continuity of the development process for our NFT holders, we plan to create an asset pool using our own fund with an initial value of $50,000 at ETH as collateral. We estimate that at least 250,000-300,000 tokens will need to be minted at a premium during this training season. This means that the current Risk-Free-Value (RFV) for $FORCE is around 20%.

Due to this, we are looking for a sponsor for our $FORCE asset pool to build hype, become part of the cult following for the manga, and ultimately increase the RFV for the player in exchange for our NFTs, discounted $FORCE, and a 1/1 edition of the manga for a select MetaCartel member (is not that cool?).

But beyond that, we think CryptoManga is a cool project with a growing fanbase and a great team, and we would love and be very grateful if you decide to support us < 3

Proposed sponsorship package

$10k in ETH, DAI

What you get:

  • 10 x CryptoMangaNFTs
  • 2500 x FORCE
  • 1/1 Edition CryptoMangaNFT for selected MetaCartel members (max. 5)

Feel free to make suggestions for improvements to this proposal or ask questions. Thank you!


I love the idea of a platformless blockchain game and think the idea of using interactions we’re already making as inputs to the game is awesome. Would also add that the team has done a great job in creating an inclusive discord and created several partnerships in a short time as well.

Would support funding the new phase of the project. Super cool mechanisms for us to fund


Thank you for the support and kind words! :slight_smile:

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