Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited and the Green Initiative DAO

We are writing this post to introduce the community to Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited which is a Singapore Non Profit established to support projects that adhere to the principles of Permaculture and in particular Fair Share. That is a positive outcome for stakeholders, staff, the community and most importantly the environment.

We seek to be self sufficient through four core initiatives.

  1. We are building an Online Travel Agency focused on sustainable and ethical travel.
    We offer a key point of difference in that every time someone books with us something good happens in the world.
    We have a growing number of like minded Local Expert Partners in some amazing destinations.

  2. The Non Profit will develop its own footprint rating system to assess a product or enterprise’s impact not just from a carbon footprint but its impact on the community and environment.
    Use of the given rating will be licenced and and the record of right to use kept on blockchain. To gain credibility for the rating we must build a reputation for community support and we will start building the assessment model around our own tours and experiences.

  3. A Travel coin which is part loyalty programme and also rewards contributors of photos, reviews, blogs on destinations. It will also reward people for time spent volunteering or visiting community projects within their travel. The coin will allow for discounts on Travel and other products as well able to be spent within our future network of supported projects and investments.

  4. Facilitation of the Green Initiative DAO

The Green Initiative DAO is an investment vehicle to allow impact investors who still seek long term above average returns to come together and make a difference in this world.

Funds invested within the DAO will be allocated to 4 Sub DAO’s equally.

Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Communities
Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality
Supporting Technologies

As the funds could be invested in on-chain investments such as DAO’s undertaking an enterprise or off-chain investments such as equities and mortgage backed securities each asset class sub DAO will have a corporate entity holding the assets in a trustee role.

A second form of sub DAO will be created which will be through which experts will provide services for due diligence and portfolio management as well as general DAO operational requirements.

Finally investors will invest through either becoming a resident of a Virtual Village or becoming a Farmer.

Again a village or farm is a Sub DAO

The difference is a village makes a collective investment in the Green Initiative DAO while a Farmer makes a direct investment.

A village Sub DAO would be capped at say 300 residents and while some villages would purely invest in the GI DAO others will be groups of investors who share other common interests and so although part of the Green Initiative DAO fabric they also have some autonomy with their own treasury, and added on modules depending on what investment activities they wish to undertake beyond the GI DAO investment.

Villages would vote internally on Green Initiative DAO investment decisions and then the village itself casts a vote within the overall voting system.

This structure allows for scalability, ensures ongoing voting participation and allows for multiple exit mechanisms for an investor as an alternative to listing the token.

Our Vision

While there are many developers creating some amazing tools to ensure the efficient running of a DAO it is our vision to take the best of those tools to create the Green Initiative DAO which invests in that low cost sustainable community development or the business making the coconut oil.

The Non Profit will enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the Green Initiative DAO with the Non Profit acting as a mentor, incubator and early investor in businesses to get them investment ready for the Green Initiative DAO.

At the completion of the establishment of the DAO the Non Profit and GI DAO will co-own the online travel business operated through a licenced Singapore company Green Cultural Travel Pte Ltd.

So what problem are we solving?

Across the world we are seeing growing signs of food shortages, rising energy costs and dismay by many about the state of the natural environment. Climate change is heightening this dismay along with a feeling of despair because people do not know how they can make a change.

Create a platform that allows a tribe of people to come together to connect, create a voice and invest for change.

The journey started with the establishment of Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited which is a Singapore registered Non Profit supporting a number of existing projects.

We now want to bring together Co Founders that share our vision. Founders and Co Founders will provide governance to the Non Profit, funding to date and required additional funding to allow the Non Profit to establish its investments.

Green Cultural Travel Founders and Co Founders tokens have been created on the Ethereum platform along with Smart Contracts for voting on investment decisions of the Non Profit.

Founders and Co Founders Tokens have the right to a Royalty payable by the Non Profit on returns it makes from its investments. So while purchasers of tokens will be facilitating many positive outcomes it is still a commercial investment with considerable upside in terms of ongoing returns.

Our Projects
All projects are blockchain and the Ethereum Platform based excluding the OTA.

The OTA seeks to embrace Web3 applications to enhance how we connect with guests.

Our existing support for projects is resonating within the community. We are undertaking brand awareness marketing.

We have also begun a google keywords campaign now that the impacts of Covid have reduced in the travel industry. Traffic from this campaign along with organic searches is happening and now we are are seeing customer enquires on products and for custom experiences.

The Non Profit is supporting 4 existing projects
The OTA is been marketed with tours and experiences in multiple destinations
Founders and Co Founders tokens have been created as well as the initial governance smart contracts
Supplier intranet to allow self loading of products under construction.

Differentiation from other projects

Is scalable allowing us to create a tribe of like minded people that will come together in a decentralised manner while owning collectively a regulated investment scheme managed to ensure all laws and compliance is met within the chosen jurisdiction of the structure.

It will allow us to bring together many people wanting to make a difference while also earning strong long term income and capital growth through patient investment.

Kimberley Burton - Founder
Veronica Dela Cruz - Singapore Director
Dee Ejanda - Operations manager OTA
Token Developer for Non Profit - 7 Bits Technologies LLC
Website development OTA - Jasmeet Singh

Grant Request
Firstly we are first looking for connection and any funding to be part of a larger collective investment through the purchasing of Tokens not as a grant. Holders of these security tokens will enjoy ongoing returns upon successful implementation of the business plan.

What the Funds Are For

Establishment of the Green Initiative DAO
Development of the OTA
Progression of the Rating System
Additional support for our community projects

Help Requested

We are looking for both Co Founders who can provide funding and also strengthen our team. We are also looking for connection to people and groups who can help build the DAO and other projects once funding is in place.

You can find an overview here at

Access to the Business Plan Overviews and the process to buy tokens is restricted as this is a security token by its nature, For those wishing to find out more please reach out.

Our travel website is