Help me validate my DAO funding model

Hello everyone. I’d like to request feedback on a DAO model I’m developing to help me organize and fund a non-conventional idea.

I’m building a holding-like structure that allows me to bridge crypto with 3 core industries: Real Estate, VC, and Sourcing. I have access to those markets and a little traction on those fronts so we can develop a model and tech to make it global.

Since part of the final structure will behave a lot like a DAO, I might as well test parts of those plans early. Priority is workforce and funding to cover that team and external advisors, mostly validating the legal and tax structures to be compliant.

Pegs are a central part of the future value dynamics so the DAO tokens are pegged 1:1 with the xDAI. The plan is to create a progressive, predictable, sale in which lots of 10% of the tokens are offered for sale, starting at %0,1, until reaching the peg.

I created a beta in DAOHaus: DAOhaus Admin

Since the DAO is temporary and only focused on developing the idea with the progressive participation of the community, once the real project and chain kick-off, then we’ll transfer that pegged value into the final tokens and chain.

So, any of these things would help me:

  • By my description and linked info, is the plan clear?
  • Can you point to another project that did something like this?
  • What minions and treasury setup do you recommend?
  • What initial parameters should change?

Thanks for your time, cheers!