🌴 How to join MetaCartel DAO?

You can join MetaCartel DAO through several means:

  1. Pledge 10 ETH minimum here:
    🏀 DAO Membership Proposals thread

  2. Get DAO membership via a grant from MetaCartel:
    🏦 [GUIDE] How to post a funding proposal

  3. Get involved and do work for the DAO to earn your way in (read more below)

How do you work your way in?

MetaCartel rewards DAO membership of 1 share to those who have shown an extraordinary effort in contributing to the MetaCartel ecosystem. This path relies on one’s own initiative and drives to get shit done and prove yourself via blood, sweat, and tears.

If you want to go this route DM @ Pet3rpan on telegram.

What do you recommend to get started?

  • Read and go through MetaCartel’s reading list here: https://github.com/metacartel/mission/wiki (Overview of the MetaCartel: mission and values, vision of Web 3, underlying beliefs)
  • Join our telegram chat (you can find it on the footer of our website via QR code metacartel.org)
  • DM and message any of the MetaCartel members, reach out if you want to get involved with any certain / specific project.
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