How We Connect - Quadratic Funding Engagement

How do we remain connected when even Devconnect is not easy for everyone to be in person for?

How do we engage with all participants of Devconnect, whether IRL or virtually?

How do we support each other and our work?


For quadratic funding, if there’s a content round along with a public goods round, people will be entertained and then give more easily to projects. The donations won’t be larger per person, but more people will donate.

The content round helps bring engagement to the projects and the projects help the content to have focus.


  1. There’s room for increased engagement in Quadratic Funding rounds.
  2. There’s almost zero marketing funding for public goods, and the creators that produce content for public goods.


Pair a QF round for media, with a QF round for projects.

  • Projects and creators receive both funding and attention for their work.
  • Organizations that contribute matching funds receive attention on their brand, while avoiding spend on actual marketing budgets. Although, matching funds would be great applications for marketing budgets.


Two Quadratic Funding rounds coinciding with each other, and centered around Devconnect 2023.

  • Media Round, with matching from MetaCartel and potentially from Purple DAO, both contributing 1 ETH each for a total of 2 ETH matching pool
  • Projects Round, with matching from Gitcoin, amount TBD

Projected Schedule (subject to change)

  • November 6, 2023 - public announcement
  • November 13 - 19, 2023 - submission period
  • November 17 - 27, 2023 - donation period
  • November 28 - December 10, 2023 - results calculated
  • December 11, 2023 - grants distribution announcement


Gitcoin is willing to provide matching funds for a project round. Purple DAO is considering matching funds for the media round. Bankless is looking forward to participating in the media round from their communication channels. FWB is considering a budget for an event, during Devconnect, at which the QF rounds will be shared with attendees.


Quadratic Lenster experiments with social media, and Gitcoin and Giveth have seen success with rounds for projects. This media round will allow for content on various platforms, and is the first time a media round coincides with a projects round.


BorrowLucid, with support from Sov and Owocki at Gitcoin, ccarella at Purple DAO, and jegajojo at Bankless

Grant Request $



All funds will go towards matching in a Quadratic Funding round.

If the QF round does not take place, for whatever reason, funds will be returned to MetaCartel.

I’m also happy to share any learnings with MetaCartel members who request this information.


Please participate! Submit projects and donate! Share on your communications channels! Encourage your friends to join in too!

Additional Resources

We will be using Gitcoin Project Manager.

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For reference and demonstration of progress, here is the Purple DAO request for feedback

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Thanks, Christina. This looks like a really exciting initiative. After reviewing the HackMD document, I have a few questions:

  1. Is the Media Round retroactive? Meaning, is it for already published content? Based on the description, it sounds like it is, but there’s also a bullet that says “Bankless needs 1 week lead time before publishing.” Please clarify.

  2. What kinds of content do you want media projects to add to the round? Is it any content that they are particularly proud of or are there specific topics/areas you are asking for?

  3. Are you still looking for more media projects to participate and to add their content? (In addition to the ones you already have: Purple, Farcaster, Bankless, and FWB).

Thank you! I’m looking forward to your response.

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Thank you Rika for taking a thoughtful look at this and providing useful feedback!

  1. Yes, it’s retroactive, but I plan to announce the rounds a week prior to it beginning, so everyone has time to create and publish.

  2. The focus of these rounds is How We Connect, because not all of us will make it to Istanbul, but we still try to be together, globally, through DevConnect and related. The content, media and art can be published on any platform, but they will need to be linked in the project description for the QF round.

  3. There’s no exclusive agreements with any of the organizations we’re collaborating with, so everyone is welcome to participate! I hope you have ideas for this, because I’d love to hear them and hopefully support to make them happen!


Onchain proposal here

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Grant’s were distributed. Projects should have a little ETH on Optimism. For more details on distribution, please see this Report Card.

We will begin looking at data around the tested hypothesis after the New Year.

After reviewing data from the QF rounds, we pretty obviously proved the hypothesis wrong. Having that clarity is pretty nice and now I’m thinking about attention and channels, and how curation is better than reach. If you want to look at any of the csv files, I’m happy to share them. Thank you for supporting this experiment and so many Web3 and DAO content creators, many of whom had never participated in QF, or heard of MetaCartel, before this experience.