Idea Box for DAOs

Hey fam,

I hope you all had a good week-end creating amazing stuff, and this is why I am writing!

*Introducing MetaCartel Idea Box : *

Anyone can submit ideas

Ideas are reviewed by DAO members, and if a 25% quorum likes the idea then one of the members champions it as a Proposal

As a Proposal, get the same treatment as usual.

The person who submitted the idea doesn’t have to be involved in the implementation, he is merely a idea generator. However this persons would be reward a small portion of voting share if his idea become a proposal, and a bit larger shares if his idea become a project.

@Pethereum, maybe such a system can be integrated in the metagame but I think it may be larger and could be an ad hoc system for all existing DAOs

What do you think ?



I like the idea because it incentivizes people to think out loud and possibly get rewarded for proposing something that the communities like.

Good idea! Maybe a hashtag on twitter?

It could be a tweet with a hashtag but it should be collected somewhere and treat it like a CRM system maybe. Quick solution could for collecting ideas: Airtable, TypeForm, Google Forms (I guess we don’t care that we use centralized bullshit as no sensible data is there).