Incubator/Accelerator on Web 3

Hi everyone
I have a consultancy Business2Blockchain that I want to take to an Incubator/Accelerator on Web 3. I don’t know where to start.
I have 4 main project start-ups under the company profile and a few more lined up for next year. They all have use cases and good fits to go on to Web 3 as well.
I see the Incubator in four ways

  1. NFT – Giving the Incubator and its projects Instant Smart Contract Ownership, Copyright, TM, Intellectual Property and the ability to replace Digital Securities.

  2. DeFi – AMM, Pooling Liquidity & Staking % APR, Lending, and Insurances, to handle the Equity side.

  3. DAO - creating an ecosystem where everyone is a stakeholder working to help others succeed.

  4. Start-Up Kit - Then to have ready-made blockchain solutions for our client startup on the Web 3.0 platform, with the focus on developing DeFi and NFT structures within them.

If anyone is interested to find out more just send me a message, I would like to start putting a plan together on how and when I can start doing this.
In advance
Thank you
Morne Olivier

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