Instamint: Instagram NFT minting

Core Idea

NFTs have driven so much exciting interest into the crypto space. Artists, creators, and so many others have been drawn into this world. Beyond just the hype, NFTs represent an exciting opportunity to commemorate special moments in a community and between friends. Those communities live very strongly in a social web built out by social media companies (instagram / tik tok as strong examples). These moments range all the way from memes to first post 1000. We want to build tools to celebrate those communities and moments, to bring the communities closer together. NFTs represent an exciting way to make that happen by immortalizing those moments, and storing them on the blockchain, but there’s no easy way to do within the context of the memories we share on social media.

instamint was built to be just that. It is starting off as a tool for instagram creators to mint NFTs of their works, and share those NFTs with their direct communities. Eventually, if this is successful, we hope to build out more tools to that effect, to celebrate and share unique and exciting moments with our closest friends and fans.


A user authenticates via instagram, and is shown a list of their posts. Each post can be minted easily, and eventually traded through OpenSea. You can see the work I’ve done so far here: The V1 is built out to work on the matic chain, but I want to launch on eth mainnet to make it simple to use!


Currently it’s just me building it out. I have 4 years of software engineering experience, but new to solidity / web3 dev. I would love assistance in the form of guidance as well as capital.

Grant request

I am requesting funds to help launch the dapp on mainnet to make it a lot more accessible and easy to use for most first timers. This involves a one-time fee of ~$700 to launch. Given the high fees, I would love to use the funds to launch! Any additional funding would go to help hire designers to start thinking about the problem space a little more holistically, and make this access point to crypto a lot simpler to use.

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If the flow is a person mints their img and then brings it to opensea, why does this provide more value to them than just minting on opensea? how do you stop people from uploading things that dont belong to them? I think this is a nice experiment dapp, and I congratulate you on getting your first web3 thing going (woo hoo!) but I’m not certain this really makes sense as a grantee project.

Hey @nimo

Looks like a great idea. Happy to chat - I have dropped you a message on Linkedin.


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