Jeli Grant Application Proposal




Jeli is a gamified live streaming platform that runs on Ethereum.


Centralized live streaming platforms can do as they wish with your account, your content, your earnings, your rankings, your private information. They focus on maximizing profits while the experience sits stale.


A collectively owned and managed live streaming platform. The community curation and voting are completely gamified. Crowd members are rewarded based on participation, not just the performers.

Current Product

  • Create live streams

  • Record live streams (automatic)

  • Accept tips (ETH or ERC-20)

  • Create video reactions during live streams (Live stream playback time synced)

  • Wallet/Profile

  • Upvote/downvote reactions

  • Send a live stream chat message

  • Signature based login

  • Online status

Product in the next few weeks:

  • Reaction competition leaderboard

  • Hodl to subscribe (Specific amount of any ERC-20)

  • Create your Jeli Channel

  • Schedule an event


Jeli quietly launched an early beta version of the product in June 2021. The initial version operates as a proof of concept to validate the hypothesis that a decentralized live streaming platform with novel gamified engagement interactions is compelling enough to get creators to switch and bring their fans over from a centralized platform. Video is streamed/recorded/served via livepeer technology, which runs on Ethereum. Sign up/login and Web3 interactions are handled by MetaMask.


The quiet nature of our launch is due to the cost of streaming and current lack of funding. We have received praise and encouragement from a small group of influential peers including the CTO of livepeer, as well as a member of this community who has previously been funded (and built something incredible) starting with a MetaCartel grant. MetaDreamer tested and enjoyed the Jeli experience enough that he recommend we apply for this grant. We need MetaCartel’s help to validate the product at the next level.


Today’s streaming platforms are centralized and/or lack an engaging experience. The extent of interaction between audience and performer on these platforms is minimal and interactions are limited to chatting and tipping. When going to a concert, a significant treasure of the experience is sharing the moment together/spotting some outlandish thing/seeing something hilarious/seeing someone inspiring with their dancing skills/people watching. We are recreating that experience digitally, in a way that rewards both sides in novel ways.

Jeli rewards participants with JΞLI via token distribution airdrops based on participation and ranking. Live streamers are additionally rewarded directly from their fans via tips, subscriptions, and drops. Live streamers can also reward participants with in-stream wallet drops.


Jeli has taken 0 funding to date. This has been entirely bootstrapped by Mitchell Fox and tweaked via feedback from MetaDreamer.

The requested funds will serve as the means to launch the new, ready-for-the-world version of

Expenses include:

  • Governance, curation, airdrop, tipping, minting contracts

  • Marketing and outreach - Getting people familiar with Jeli, community building

  • Launch Concert Series - Schedule a series of live performances with influential live streaming DJs/musicians.

This grant will be used entirely to push Jeli forward to a successful public launch.

Grant Request
9700 DAI


We would like to ask any community members who are interested in contributing to reach out in the comments below or on Discord. Jeli must be a community owned protocol and we are happy to reward community members with governance tokens in exchange for contributions.

Current tasks in the pipeline include:

  • Create a drop (ERC-721 or ERC-20)
  • Lives stream airdrop (ERC-721 or ERC-20)
  • Governance and curation tokens (JΞLI and JOLT)
  • Voting UI
  • Mint an NFT Reaction (ERC-721)
  • Channel curation game launch
  • Reaction AR Filters


Mitchell Fox - Inventor of Jeli // Twitter: @mitchfox

Previously led product design to launch DraftKings Sportsbook. Formerly founded Shapeshift, a product design lab that partnered with WeMod, Marriott, Dispatch, Ladder, Alula, TourConnect, Assurely and many more.

Additional Resources

Demo stream -

Discord -

Twitter - @jelilive


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