Last School - A decentralized learning platform

crypto assets seems to have distracted developers and investors from the hard work of building useful real-work services

-Tim O'Reilly

Last School

A decentralized learning platform that makes learning free and open-source.


Most of the current Learning platforms for teaching web3 technology don’t have the right mechanism to teach. If they have the right mechanism to teach about web3 technology, they would never make a new course and new method of implementing web3 technology like solidity, ipfs, substrate, polygon, etc in a real-world application. They would give a course on ERC20 or ERC721 tokens which stands for creating cryptocurrencies and NFTs. They would never show the path to knowledge seekers what great applications we can achieve from web3 technology. Some of the major problems of traditional learning platforms are :

* Most of the courses are pretty old and not updated to the latest version of the technology
* If the courses are up to date then there will be a great fee for mastering courses or tutorials.
* If they are up to date and free of cost then they are unstructured or broken
* If there is a course that is completely up to date, free of cost, and well structured then there will be no real-life applications of that learning
* If the course stands on all above the point then the course will be of creating tokens, NFTs, flash loans, trading bots, exchanges, and Defi (decentralized Finance protocol)
* Of course, some courses are about creating some cool applications using web3 tools and built upon blockchain technology then the platform will be not a DAO, it will be censored or there will be a great giant tech collecting data about learners so they can sell more course by analyzing their learning preferences and running different influencing ads which will be collecting more data
* Last but not least if the knowledge seekers completed the course and will be valued with a certificate that represents course completion then most of the place the certificate will not be valued because it is hard to track and analyze the certificate if it is genuine and accredited to that particular learner or learner have edited someone else certificate

Here the problem doesn’t end. Most learning platforms don’t have a user-friendly UI or lack a quality course. Do not have the right way of examining and grading.


The Last School tends to be the first dapp based on the protocols of web3.0 in the learning platform community. We are here to sort the problem of the traditional learning platform on the internet by applying the decentralized system for storing, retrieving data, and better transparency on the learning system. So a student, learner, knowledge seeker, and scholar skills, knowledge, and talent don’t go to waste and make learning accessible free, joyful, interesting, and open source for anyone and anywhere in the world. We also guarantee the profits for the creator of courses and tutorials.


For Learners

* The learner needs to have a wallet that consists of an address made by the ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) Algorithm for Signing in. (All the Wallet will support)
* The leaner will update the profile which will be saved on the ipfs node.
* The learner will enroll in the course and will continue learning which will be saved on the same ipfs node
* If the learner wanted to get certified then he/she/they will upgrade and pay the amount decided by the creator of the course in which the certificate will be deployed on the respective blockchain network.

For Educators

* The signing and updating the profile will be the same as the learner
* The Education will create a course on creating course tab which he/she/they will post down the content in Audio/Video/Text/Graphics/References/Code Samples/Presentation
* If the education wanted to have an Integrated IDE on the web then there will be monoca-ide(which powers Visual Studio Code) will choose syntax that students can use and compile the program (more like repl. it or codesandbox) and will be stored on ipfs global node
* The educator will pick a decent price for the course.
* After the pricing is done the course content will be deployed on the ipfs node and a course smart contract will be automatically deployed on the respective blockchain network that will contain the course various types of course information and certificate information.
* At Last, the course will be shown up in the course tab on the respective division.
* The same loop will run.

All the personal data will be encrypted on the protocol of AES and will be only decrypted by the wallet

We will be using 2 primary technology for implementing transparency learning.

IPFS - The use of the IPFS p2p(peer to peer) network is to store data for course content, learners’ data (personal data, grading data, assignment data, etc), and creator data.

Ethereum Network - The use of Ethereum Network is deploying course content contracts and the certificate of course completion of learners. By using Ethereum Network for deploying certification smart contracts and course content smart contracts we can solve the trust issue of certificates. The certificate can be trackable and verifiable whether it is genuine or not. (More like NFTs)

(For the beta version of Last School, we have used the ethereum network. Later we will add the other networks(Polkadot Network, Polygon Network, etc)


The last School’s UI is completed using React library. All the codes for ipfs deployment are ready. We are at final testing.


Last School is completely different from any edTech learning platform because the core technical ability that the last school is going to get will distinguish itself in web3 learning technology. To track and maintain the course syllabus and issue a course completion certificate which will eradicate the certificate forgery on the chain with completely free and open-source learning and hands-on real-life applicable tutorials will surely separate the last school from any traditional web3 learning platform. Last School will be the first web3 edTech platform that will rely on the core principle of web3 core technology as the rest of the web3 learning platform seems to have a closed architecture with the hidden money-making model whose first incentive is to make revenue.


I am Anish Kumar Gupta previously working as a bug bounty hunter and full-stack engineer turned into a blockchain engineer/developer. Now working as a full-time developer/designer/engineer/every role on Last School. Also, Believe in thinking inside the box rather than thinking outside the box

Grant Request


$ 1000 will be used for different hosting and storing infrastructure cost which includes a public cloud resource directory or bucket which contains the frontend of the application that will point to a domain, hosting an ipfs node on a cloud computing platform, or a virtual computer. the ipfs node will work as our data center that will store the learner data, creator data, website personal data (encrypted), technical data and ethereum address of course, and certificates for making it transparent and for deploying course smart contracts on ethereum.


The last School have received 0 funding and is completely built upon my saving till now


We would like to invite all the community members for learning and build the Web3.0 as a fundamental internet. If you know how to develop smart contracts and build dapps then please go to the discord chat room and in general introduce yourself [Discord] (

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That’s all. If you read this all then I would thank you personally to care about the future of web3.

Best Regard