Li.Finance Grant Application

Hey all together!

I got in here the wrong way and already submitted a proposal on DAOhaus

I’m Philipp and one of the founders of Li.Finance (LiFi).

Li.Finance is a mesh of aggregated cross-chain liquidity networks and protocols to power next-gen DeFi projects with superior UX by making liquidity accessible when needed.

By aggregating liquidity networks like Connext, Hop, Thor, Anyswap etc we’re helping layer 2 to find greater developer adoption. With our dapp-widget we help developers to provide a more frictionless experience and user-onboarding. That way we especially want to speed up layer 2 adoption.

We’re strongly believe in the backend we’re about to build. Having an aggregation layer across all bridging solutions would give us a lot of intelligence to build outstanding applications from cross-chain arbitrage to cross-chain yield optimization or analytics. We want to build something really big the whole ecosystem, even across chains, can rely on and wie aim to onboard as many developers out of our network to crypto as possible.

Liquidity is fragmenting across L2s and different L1s. Plenty of projects aim to bridge these gaps to provide faster cross-chain swaps but they’re all coming with the same problems of having to fill liquidity pools while coming with trade-offs on different levels like performance, trustlessness, security and overall UX.

We do not only aim to aggregate all these solutions, but we’ll provide splitted transactions, fallback solutions and a widget, to not only make the moving of funds possible where its needed, but also to make sure that the required swap can happen at any circumstance. Of course we provide full flexibility and customizability for networks, developers and users which networks to rely on so that everyone cann decide on their own how “custodial” solutions they are willing to risk.

A backend that aggregates cross-chain liquidity solutions (like Connext, Hop, Thor) and DEXes and thirdparty integration widgets.

We already have an agreement with Connext go be their official widget.

Prototype will be released by the end of the currently ongoing HackMoney hackathon.

Max and I have a lot of experience building thirdparty integrations and large backends with proper abstraction layers and modular structures.

Max and Philipp have been working together for over 8 years. They spent 6 years bootstrapping which started as social network and ended as SaaS for the gaming industry. They‘ve developed over 30 different thirdparty integrations, a web platform, API and cross-platform mobile apps. Philipp did business development in over 14 countries and was frequently booked as speaker. The past two years, Max and Philipp launched several services in market intelligence and biotech.

Since Feb/Mar`21 we’re both full time in crypto:

8 prizes across 3 hackathons + finalists at EthGlobal, taking part in KERNEL III and received a first grant from Connext.

Grant Request $
$50.000 to support the onboarding of a new developer.

So far we only got $50k from Connext as our first grant.

We could need help with introductions to other dapp-developers to integrate our widget.

Additional Resources
Here is a comprehensive overview as pitchdeck.

I had much more links in here but were not allowed to add more as a new user.

Looking forward to hear from you!

The already submitted proposal
Li.Finance Website

Hey Thanks a bunch for submitting, I’m going to DM you instructions for next steps in your application, so check your inbox

Hey @philippz I’m going to be totally honest here, This group doesn’t fund anywhere near what you’re asking for. We like to give super early team $2-5k on average. So your $50k request into the DAO bank was kind of a surprise :sweat_smile: also we don’t generally fund already funded teams, so if you happen to close a funding round at any point between now and when your grant approval it might kick you out of eligibility window.

That being said, if you want to cancel that proposal and revise your ask I think we could have you run through the proper channels and present this to the group.

Hey Yalor,

thanks for being so straight forward. We’re not funded yet. We got one grant from Connext after having worked fulltime in crypto (without earning money) since February. We’re currently preparing to be able to raise more funds after finishing our prototype but before that, we’d like to get as many “stamps of approval” and community support as possible.

A 2-5$k also helps to onboard another developer to crypto. It covers that person for one month. More is better but any support helps, especially as even a small grant means “skin in the game” which implies more willingness to make introductions, is sort of an “stamp of approval” and helps with the growth of the project.

I scheduled a call for the 13th. I’m sure we won’t have closed a funding round by then :slight_smile:

That’s pretty par for the course, I worked for about 24 months on crypto things before I found any funding as well :woozy_face:, anyway looking forward to hearing more and seeing if our paths align on this one.

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Please go and cancel this proposal :sweat_smile: DAOhaus

I don’t like looking at it in our DAO interface lolz

Cancelled the proposal. Looking forward to the call :slight_smile: If there is any other information I can provide upfront, please let me know.

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@philippz you double-booked two sessions I have you for down for July 20th

Hey, that’s weird because I cancelled the second one (20th). I’ll send you a PM, maybe we can find a better time via Calendly. I’ll be in Paris next week for EthCC (side events and hanging around, got no ticket) - we could also meet in person if you’d be there.

sounds good will respond via PM

I’m really impressed, I think this would be a great ecosystem support project that would let us pool our polygon token CHILI with the Raid Guild’s token on xdai. $50k is a lot of funding tho, we usually start with smaller amounts, but definitely something I want to fund at some level. Also support daohaus bc DAOs deployed on all these different L2s find it hard to interact on chain.


Soft consensus is fund. Here’s a little poll to see support of how much from the Cartel.

  • 5000 DAI
  • 10000 DAI

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Cartel members: please vote on support level, or comment if you are against funding and werent heard in the town hall :slight_smile:

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Feel free to leave me any questions in the comments or DM!

@philippz can you confirm this is your new proposal in the DAO please? DAOhaus

Just sponsored it! so excited for what yall build!


Yes, it is! Thanks a lot.

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Hey @philippz you missed your shot to become a DAO member :sleepy: you are allowed to add a request for one DAO share to your proposal. If you want to do that in post, feel free to setup another proposal for this and I will sponsor it.

Ah damn it, I didn’t recognize that. Would love to become a member. Will create another proposal for membership. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hope I did it right this time.