MCON 2 Photographer Support 1ETH + MC DAO SHARE or LOOT?

gm :sunny:
I’ve just finished editing and uploading my 1400+ images from the week of MCON2 in Denver to my site here:

I still have videos and have reached out to Ryan Holly to see if they could use any of my footage. My photography and effort making the trip(+2200 mi drive roundtrip) to Denver from Texas is my contribution to the Meta Cartel and I believe it has added value to myself and the MCON the experience.

Last year I was grateful to sweat my way into the MC DAO and that has enriched my life beyond belief. I’d be honored to donate my time and work but I really could use a little financial support to cover gas, 3 nights of in a hotel, in addition to another DAO share or LOOT (not sure how that all works) for my work as well. I don’t want to rage quit a share evar!

I’ve shared images with several partners including Opolis, the DJs (JAQI and XEDRA) and will offer them to any and all active contributors/partners to our mission. I can work with the MC design sprint team to help add images to the website or provide any additional edits/production as well.

1 ETH would cover all my expenses for the week and would add a little help for my time editing and away from work+ cover the 9 Days of total trip time/expenses. I’m open to any negotiation or discussion on financial support. Either way I’m very blessed to have an opportunity like this every year, and to be able to do what I love alongside such great souls doing the same.

If a DAO share/Loot is all that I can get that is great, If i can only get a little ETH or financial help that’s great, if all I can get is compliments that is great too, I just want to see what you all think is fair for my week of photography.

I have a hard time asking for help sometimes and have already had offers of support for gas/etc to make it up there from a few MC members so thank you and thanks for your consideration ~ Tburd.eth#0001


Great shots tburd. Thanks for shooting and sharing.

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