MCON - MetaCartel Invades The West 🤠


A DAOcentric MetaCartel sponsored Event in Denver Co :loudspeaker:


Sept 14-18th leading up to the WYOhackathon


Don’t ask why, you already know.

The plan is to rent a space in Denver (not the ETHdenver Sports sorry :neutral_face:) the week of WYOhack, hangout, jam on future plans for the DAO, network with all our ecosystem frens, and eat tacos :stuck_out_tongue:

9/14 Tuesday night:

  • 2pm - 8pm
  • Special Guest Speaker ???

9/15 Wednesday:

  • 8am - 4pm

  • MC team working sessions, what’s our focus, where are we headed, what goals do we have for 2022 and beyond.

  • Values aligned sponsor presentations, member orgs calls to action for the community.

9/16 Thursday:

  • 8am - 7pm
  • Grantee Demo day
  • Live HAUSparty hosted by @DAOhaus
  • Team presentations - futures
  • Closing taco party :taco::taco::taco: and margarita samplers :tropical_drink:

9/17 Friday:

320 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Caravan to invade wyohack (2hr drive from Denver)

WyoHackathon | Wyoming Blockchain Stampede Sept 24th-26th

Originally posted by @pet3rpan

Expanded working document draft by @Dekan MetaCartel Week Denver - HackMD

Do you want to contribute to this event ? Post your intention in this thread and we’ll start a working group soon :space_invader:


I would like to contribute/help organize this event, I can be the boots on the ground in Denver to help and coordinate.

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I will also come and help organize. I have friends in Denver, so I will be there!


Moloch likes tacos. The ReallyBoringGuild of MolochDAO wants to conduct a panel on ETH impact/blindspots at the WYhackathon so we will be rolling through. I would personally love to contribute to the MC event in any way! Confused on those dates listed though… Sep 21-23 or 7-10th?

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Yeeaaaaah, thanks for spotting that note. It is from the 21st - 23rd, not sure how I got that one jumbled up, we would love to have you and other Moloch Members attend, we have a few of our own at MetaCartel as well.

I think that panel could be a great fit for this group as well, as we are the closest to the Moloch Ecosystem :japanese_ogre: could even live-stream to Youtube for later consumption.

Update: now 15th to 17th of September

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Hello Metacartel,

I know the idea of a Meta Cartel event in September has been floating around so I wanted to put out this proposal to see everyone’s thoughts and keep all DAO members informed about the newest movements for the event.

Happy readings!! :open_book:

Title: Mcon 2021

Description: Metacon is a DAO focused event hosted by the MetaCartel, intended to bring together as much of the DAO community as possible. This event would take place in Denver, CO in mid September (9/13-9/17 exact dates TBD). We would bring in sponsors to lead half or full day events for the group with their own speaker sessions (Gitcoin, 1kx, ForkDAO, ?) that would be connected to the DAO ecosystem.

Manifesto/Vision: The goal of our first event will be to offer a space for connections that Metacartel has built with its community and strengthen our kick ass web 3 network. If this event is successful and brings value to MC and other DAOs, the next goal would be to have recurring events with the same energy.

Problem: Not everyone in Metacartel is geographically close to each other, and Denver is far away for some.

Solution: We all meet up in one location to vibe, hack, and brainstorm IRL.

Product: The product would be an actual event, along with a template of how to recreate it and run it (for the next time around).

Validation: Just by talking with members of Metacartel, it’s clear there is a strong interest from the DAO members to make this happen.

Progress: We’re currently in the planning phase to flesh out all the details, dates, costs, and stakeholders.

Differentiation: Our main value add will be that we’re organizing for Metacartel, hopefully our community and brand can offer enough unique flavor to make this event stick out from the rest. Even if Just Metacartel members show up, the event would be a success

Team: Yalor, Damaged Goods, PeterPan, Dekan, Bau, + MC members that are interested.

Grant Request $: Sponsors should cover all operational costs.

Funds: OrochiDAO has a budget they might kick in for this. Gitcoin has some budget, SporkDAO has a budget.

Help: If there are any members that can offer help with hosting, event preparation or building a quality event then please join us.

Additional Resources: Blood of Moloch NFT launch, CHILI man MetaFactory swag, Taco Party Food truck needed, Need this doc to become a pitch deck for the event sponsors, etc

Ideal event dates 2021-09-13T06:00:00Z2021-09-17T06:00:00Z

We’d love some feedback, ideas, hate mail, etc. If this seems like a good idea, let it be known!

Would you go to this event?

  • Yes! It sounds awesome
  • Maybe? I’m not sure yet
  • No! I don’t like fun things
  • no… It won’t fit my schedule :frowning:

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Would’ve been great to start planning this a bit earlier so organizers, speakers and attendees have a bit more time for preparation.

There’s always next time :wink: but so far we have locked in all our mainstage speakers, just planning side events and breakout sessions now. IMO things are going as well as can be expected.

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Just applied for a ticket. Curious if it’s oversubscribed?

It definitely is, but it’s always good to apply anyways as spots will open up and people drop out.

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Hello, I just signed up for this forum specifically prompted by this event. I would love to attend!

Edit: I found MCon 2021 from per3rpan_'s tweet and filled out the form.

Background: I work on Zcash at the Electric Coin Company. The Zcash and Ethereum communities cross-pollinate and collaborate a fair amount and I’m very keen to learn how the Zcash project might interact with DAOs.

I love the idea of ZCash community collaborating with DAO’s not sure how far from Denver you are but I’d recommend flying in anyway, there’s going to be multiple off-site events happening all week walking distance from the venue. Co-working, Presentations, Happy Hours, all kinda fun things.

Join the Telegram group to stay connected Telegram: Join Group Chat

It’s probably a ways away, but saying it now.
Metacartel Goes East also needs to happen.

Fomo-ing bad not being in Denver atm :sob:

Before then, perhaps MetaNorth. I say around midsummer in Estonia. Sun’s up like 22/24 hours. Vibes.