Meet-a-Builder Events

There is tons of ideas to write Dapps and tons of people interesting in building them but in the last community call I suggested that we created an event where builders could connect with each other

I call it the Meet-a-Builder, just like before hackathons where you connect with other hackers to find a teammate or to find a project to work on.

The difference is that instead of hacking on it for 36-48 hours, we would be building a Dapp for longer.

What is the structure of a Meet-a-Builder event?

First, we use a form to register for a Zoom call where you can choose between “Looking for builders” or “Looking for a project”.

Secondly, we invite everyone that submitted the form to join the Zoom call where the people who already have projects present the project to the other participants.

When presenting they have 5 minutes to explain the project, describe what is the status of the project and the expectations of the project. After the 5 minutes they can have an extra 5 minutes for questions. They should include how to be contacted for interested people.

The concept is pretty simple but it’s important to highlight just like when dating, what are the expectations of all the interested parties. Some people might want to build something on the side as a weekend project. Some people might want to do split their time with other projects and some might want to find co-founders to build a project that will raise funds and build a business.

I think the MetaCartel not only will be a great place for all the builders to connect and find interesting projects plus find good partners to build with but it also with provide the platform for both projects and teams to be cultivated.

The best part is the low overhead that Zoom calls have which will allow to iterate on these events more quickly than normal accelerators. So it would be beneficial for the MetaCartel to not only host them but also advertise potential support of interesting projects that may spin out of these events.

I think that a good pace would be to do this on a monthly basis. What do you guys think?


This is now a thing thanks to @pedrouid’s idea

Curious to know how this went. Were there any meeting notes?


Here you go!

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