Megacy Grant Proposal

Megacy “All-in-one multi-chain NFT platform”
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Megacy is constructing an ecosystem of Web 3.0 and decentralized applications (D-apps) based on multi-chain blockchains to provide an all-in-one solution for all NFT tasks. We provide the most powerful and secure NFT services and technologies. Our objective is to be the first all-in-one NFT platform, allowing all NFT services to be conducted at a single spot, making it simple for projects and creators to “create,” “mint,” and “launch” a group of individuals or projects on any best-supported blockchain platform. It is simple to access and trade NFTs, provide decentralized financial services, and build bridge chains that allow NFTs to be readily exchanged, liquidated, borrowed, and collateralized. We link communities and drive projects to increase revenue for users’ NFT assets. We concentrate on researching, constructing, and developing the greatest Dapp products to maximize all NFT use cases and make NFTs accessible to everyone. A platform for development: iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as web Dapp 3.0.

Our vision:
Megacy was created to provide a decentralized ecosystem of high-quality multi-chain NFT applications. The Megacy ecosystem combines products, services, protocols, solutions, and decentralized finance for NFTs from various blockchains into a unified point; this will aid in the elimination of border barriers between top-tier blockchain platforms, allowing NFT users and NFTs themselves more freedom in their tasks.

The Problem:

  • Volatility and illiquidity - Prices are determined by user valuations and are influenced by the cryptocurrency market in general. Transactions are limited to investors’ emergencies when they need to convert assets to cash due to low liquidity and slippage.
  • Not optimized, but strong potential - Even though many platforms have been developed to optimize the use and expand the capabilities of NFT, it is still limited to a few blue-chip NFTs, and Game Guilds have not been able to automate the management and take advantage of external NFT resources.
  • Difficult use and inflexibility - Because of technological barriers, it is extremely difficult to reach new NFT users. Users must move across different platforms to complete different tasks due to the service’s limited flexibility, increasing the cost of switching between markets.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to be the first all-in-one NFT platform, allowing everyone to use all possible NFT services with a single platform and ecosystem in the safest, most cost-effective, fastest, and easiest way imaginable.


Megacy’s roadmap includes short-term, mid-term, and long-term development stages. Our expert staff is driving a more mature market that includes many vital features. We have completed all the plans in the roadmap and are entering the private testing phase, networking partnerships, and community building and marketing.

Grant Request:
10,000 USDC

Megacy operates with 100% self-funded capital from Megacy company, and we will also initiate strategic fundraising and private funding rounds during this phase.

Core Team Megacy
Megacy was founded in partnership with a group of specialized engineers. A diverse group of blockchain enthusiasts!
Tho Tran: Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Quang Tran: Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Minh Dang: Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer
Hung Vu: Chief Strategy Officer
Hai Nguyen: Chief Legal Officer
Tam Nguyen: Chief Engineer & Product Manager
Trang Vuong: Chief Accountant
Tung Tran: Lead Design

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