Metacartel as a Launch Partner of the Quadratic Force with Giveth!

Please note that this proposal is in a preliminary stage. It is being presented for the purpose of discussion, input, and refinement. The ideas and strategies proposed are open for scrutiny and they might undergo changes based on the feedback received.


Giveth is launching Quadratic Funding in mid-July, just a few weeks away!

QF is undoubtedly one of the most successful public goods innovations out of the blockchain world. It is a more democratic, inclusive, and efficient way of distributing funds to impactful projects. Additionally, sponsors of the matching pool can see their contributions multiplied thanks to other sponsors and community donations, significantly amplifying their impact.

We are supercharging QF with easy UX, donor rewards, referral rewards & multichain donations (Optimism, Polygon, Celo, Gnosis & Mainnet).

The most critical part of any QF round, though, is the matching pool, and it’s what fuels the fire of QF on Giveth. We are hoping Metacartel will be one of our launch partners to seed and become a founding member of the Quadratic Force!

We are asking for 10K to help us launch the first 2 rounds of QF on Giveth & help public good projects to raise more funds & create a greater impact.

In recognition, Metacartel would get:
Brand Exposure: Prominent banner placement on the QF landing page for the first 2 Giveth hosted rounds. Brand promotion across Giveth’s platform and QF-related communications.
Project Contributions: Opportunity to choose three verified projects to add to the first two Giveth-hosted QF rounds.
GIVbacks and Incentives: Up to 80% donation value back in GIV tokens, an NFT & a POAP.

Funding verified public goods projects has never been easier!

Check out our live demo (using Goerli and xDai here):

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Giveth’s vision is one where “Giving is effortless, and people all around the world are rewarded for creating positive change.”


The current funding landscape limits accessibility and hampers the impact of innovative ideas by favoring well-known projects and neglecting smaller donations, hindering diversity across various domains. Quadratic funding offers promise in promoting fairness and amplifying smaller contributions, but QF penetration is still low & experimentations are still scarce. A diversity of approaches & innovations is likely to address usability issues. This is crucial to fully realize the potential of quadratic funding and empower individuals to contribute seamlessly to the public goods ecosystem.


Our QF implementation prioritizes user-experience, and is focused on making it easy and attractive for new users to use web3 for their fundraising needs. With the existing donation application as the foundation, projects and donors benefit from donation legos like GIVbacks and GIVpower. With GIVbacks, donors who give to the projects in QF rounds (and outside of them), get rewarded for donating with GIV. They can use that GIV to influence the way projects are sorted on Giveth with our GIVpower program.

Giveth QF will also include a referral program, incentivizing users to share unique links to projects. If someone donates to a verified project through their link, 100% of the donation goes to the project and both the donor and the user that referred the donor are rewarded with GIV through our GIVbacks program.

We are leveraging the power of web3 donation legos, and learning from experience with QF rounds hosted by other communities, to offer a user-friendly and attractive implementation of QF, stimulating project & donor participation through supporting multichain donations and paving the way for more community-driven decision-making.

Furthermore, this solution actually catalyzes more funding into the public good’s space as a 10,000 DAI donation, could catalyze 2X-4X the capital to fund public goods from different parties.


Giveth is almost ready to launch its Alpha Quadratic Funding!

Our MVP is scheduled to go live in mid-July with a matching pool of 10K+. If all goes well, we will launch at ETHCC, providing an ideal opportunity to promote the initiative.

To optimize the donor experience, we have added several features:

  • Multichain: Donors can make their donations on 5 different chains (Ethereum, Optimism, Gnosis, Celo & Polygon
  • GIVbacks: Donors will earn up to 80% of their donation back on GIVbacks.

  • Referrals: Anyone (including projects) can get a referral link and earn up to half of the new donor’s GIVbacks in the first month.

  • Estimation: Donors can see an estimate of the matching their donations will have.

Feel free to check out our Demo landing page:

*Note: In the event, something prevents us from launching on that day, we will launch in late September to have the team in full swing & prevent an overlap with Gitcoin’s QF round.

Recognition to Metacartel:

Through this initiative, Metacartel would be supporting public goods innovation, catalyzing more funds for a diverse set of public good projects and getting benefits for the DAO.

  • Supporting Public Goods Innovation:

    • Giveth’s QF combines various public good legos, including QF, GIVbacks, Gitcoin Passport, and referral links with rewards.
    • Metacartels’ involvement contributes to pushing the boundaries of public goods funding and supports innovative approaches.
  • Leveraging More Public Good Funding:

    • Metacartels’ contribution of 10,000 DAI to the matching pool amplifies the impact by catalyzing at least 10K USD of public good funding.
    • Based on the success of previous Gitcoin rounds, this number could easily double, showcasing the power of collective contributions in the context of QF.
  • GIVbacks for Metacartel:

    • Metacartels will be rewarded with up to the equivalent of 8,000 USD in GIV tokens, further enhancing the value of their contribution and fostering ongoing engagement with Giveth’s platform.
    • More info about the GIVbacks program here .
  • Brand Exposure:

    • As a launching partner, Metacartels will gain substantial brand exposure across Giveth’s platform and communications dedicated to Quadratic Funding.
    • The inclusion of the Metacartels’ logo on the QF landing page and the featured tweets will significantly enhance brand visibility, showcasing Metacartels’ commitment to driving positive change.
  • Adding Projects to the Round:

    • Metacartels will have the privilege of selecting up to three verified projects to be included in the first QF round.
    • This opportunity allows Metacartels to actively shape the allocation of funds toward projects that align with their values and objectives, fostering a sense of ownership and impact within the public goods ecosystem.
  • Bonus Incentives:

    • In recognition of Metacartels’ partnership and contribution, you will receive a Giver NFT and a commemorative POAP, solidifying your status as esteemed members of the Giveth community and ambassadors of public goods innovation.

With a track record of successful funding campaigns and an expanding user base, Giveth has demonstrated its effectiveness in mobilizing donations and amplifying the collective will of individuals.

The platform has facilitated the funding of diverse projects across domains such as art, social impact, and technology, showcasing its versatility and ability to foster a robust ecosystem of initiatives. Check out Giveth stats:

The experiences and outcomes observed on Gitcoin provide strong evidence of the potential impact and scalability of Quadratic Funding: As of April 2023, their grants program has over distributed $50M

Ready to launch the MVP!

Feel free to check out our Demo landing page:

This will be our MVP. However, we are adding some features to optimize for the User experience of donors.

  • Multichain: Donors can make their donations on 5 different chains (Ethereum, Optimism, Gnosis, Celo & Polygon).
  • GIVbacks: Donors will earn up to 80% of their donation back on GIVbacks.
  • Referrals: Anyone (including projects) can get a referral link and earn up to half of the new donor’s GIVbacks in the first month.
  • Estimation: Donors can see an estimate of the matching their donations will have.


Giveth brings a wealth of skills and previous experience in public goods funding and decentralized philanthropy. With a successful track record since 2017 launching innovative products:, the GIVdrop, GIVbacks, Regen Farms, GIVpower & the whole GIVeconomy. Learn more about these products here (What is Giveth? | Giveth Docs)

Watch the Giveth intro video here

Point of Contact:







Grant Request: 10,000 DAI


Giveth QF is built & almost ready to be launched.

This grant would be used as matching funds to distribute on the QF rounds to those projects that get more community support.


Sounds good to me!

On one hand, we have no sustainability mechanism & there’s been talks of pausing the grants program until sorting that out.
On the other, currently the funds are mostly just sitting there & not doing anything useful - at a time when they’re most needed :man_shrugging:

Granting funds to another grant allocating mechanism rather than a project is kind of weird but could be a signal that our time as a great & needed grants allocator has long passed & maybe its time to pass some of the funds to better - or at least more active - grants funding mechanism…

Would also add that MetaCartel & Giveth ecosystems are pretty tightly aligned, Griff has been one of the first members at MetaCartel & given more than $10k etc. etc.

Overall, big fan of Giveth personally so I’m biased but fully support this proposal.


Thanks for the support @pETH

I don’t feel qualified to comment on the timing of Metacartel as a Funding Mechanism.

But I totally agree that this is a time when funds can go a long way. IMO, some of the most valuable things about this proposal are:

  1. It will kick off a new set of QF experiments using public good legos like donor rewards, referral rewards, multichain donations & Sybil resistance.

  2. These funds will catalyze more public good funding from others joining the Quadratic Force to fund the matching fund & from the project donors during the QF round.

If this proposal goes on-chain, we will vote yes.