📝 MetaCartel DAO #1 Community update

Hi all, we have been very quiet recently as we have been busy going to work!


  • Coordinated 620 ETH in the DAO (approx. 165k USD)
  • Had our first ever DAO members meeting on the 2nd of July (Tues) with 100 ETH members & contributor call on the 3rd of July (Weds)
  • Next steps for DAO members is to decide on what the DAO should be funding first

DAO Contracts

*Moloch Contract refers to the DAO framework contract not Moloch DAO itself

Plans for July

  • Get down all the coordinating processes down, try to kick start a cadence around coordinating and working together
  • Release a public announcement of the ‘rise of MetaCartel DAO’ & members that want to be public
  • Evolve the current process to signal for a grant from closed process to a public open forum based proposal process
  • Hopefully get to a point where we have agreed on what initial grant we want to fund
  • Begin to write and release a DAO mission statement/manifesto

Where the DAO should be by end of July

  • More process created and established for
    • Onboarding new members both 100 ETH & 10 ETH
    • For those who want to propose work for the DAO to get funding
    • Those who want to help out and join the contributor’s team
  • Have the DAO mobile app front end up so that all members can act more autonomously
  • Share a guideline of what projects we are looking to fund

Here’s a link to our notes from the first Contributor (10 ETHers) Meeting