MetaCartel DAO 2.0: ecosystem structure

The primary interest of this thread is to map paths for the MetaCartel DAO to make sustainable, revenue generating investments as quickly as possible.

We had an intro call Monday 9-15 where many individuals of the community came together to discuss what moving toward a self sustaining DAO entity looks like. This doc was attached to the invite.

Can find the call recording here.

The primary interests of this investigation include understanding:

  • Pseudonymous entity possibilities, requirements, and restrictions
  • Non-pseudonymous entity options
  • Types of investors able to join the DAO entity
  • Relationship details between DAO entity and invested companies

please comment on the above priorities if anything is missing or needs clarity

In our first DAO 2.0 call we decided on investigating two potentially viable models.

  1. COOP Structure
  2. Stand up 3rd party entity to service DAO legal needs

Both of these will require further thought and investigation. We will be focusing on looking into creating a broader collaboration with Anja and a few other lawyers across a variety of jurisdictions to create a thorough community report.

The next call on this topic happens this Monday at 11am pst. Will include agenda brief in the calendar invite beforehand.

Meeting Today Cancelled

As an update, we are still moving forward with a number of different entity structures in mind. Last week we spoke with Gabriel Shapiro and Ross Campbell about different entity and entity-less designs to make a sustainable revenue generating DAO possible.

Here is the recording link.

We are still evaluating the span and scope of research needing to be complete to form a holistic picture of the options moving forward. Will keep everyone informed when a proposal more strongly solidifies.